Drama Reviews By Themes of Interest


Drama miniseries categorized by themes of interest.

If you have a theme you really love, but that isn’t listed here yet, please let me know in the comments!

Arranged Marriage
Body Swapping
Fake Marriage
Forbidden/Taboo Love (real or not)
Gumiho/Fox Spirit
Harem/Reverse Harem
Homosexual Themes (real or not)
Stress-free/Low Drama Content
Time Travel

⇛ Arranged/Forced Marriage:

⇛ Body Swapping:

⇛ Bullying:

⇛ Cross-Dressing:

Fake Marriages

⇛ Forbidden/Taboo Love (Perceived or Real):

⇛ Gumiho/Fox Spirit

⇛ Harem/Reverse Harem:

⇛ Homosexual Themes (real or not):

⇛ Stress-free/Low Drama Content

⇛ Time Travel


9 thoughts on “Drama Reviews By Themes of Interest

    • Oh yeah, it’s been so long since i saw LIFE! I agree that it was good. Japanese dramas usually do pretty good dramas about bullying.
      I’ll add it to the list for you. I don’t know if I have any reviews to add to the list yet, but I’ll work on it, haha :D
      Thanks for the suggestion!

      • Could you tell me of some others?
        Think I’m in the mood to watch something serious again!

        Uuurg I really hated that bully and the nerdy guy so much!

      • I’ll do reviews on them later, but I heard Kingyo Club was about bullying. Ugly Rice Cake does too, but I can’t find it anywhere (it came out in October 2012).
        Watashitachi no Kyokasho is another one.

        I also liked the KouKou Kyoushi series. The first one is from 1993, but it is really worth watching. The second one is okay and it’s from 2003.

      • Kyokasho is the one about the OL right? because I watched that one and it was so good, subtle and brutal!
        But I forgot the name of it haha.
        Think I’ll write this down so I can watch it during a holiday or something :)

      • I think so, I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, actually, haha.

        Kingyo Club has 20 minute episodes so it should be an easy watch.

        KouKou Kyoushi is about a teacher and a highschool girl. It has darker themes.
        The 1993 one is more about romance and abuse (there’s some rape in it, so if that’s a trigger, you might not want to watch it).
        The 2003 one has a bit of romance, but I think it’s more about psychological abuse because the teacher finds out he has a life-threatening illness, and to cope with it, he makes the student believe she has it instead.

      • Nope, the 2003 version is more of a sequel than a remake.
        They both have different stories and different characters, but they did bring in one character from the previous version into the newer version. He was a really terrible character in the 1993 one and they try to redeem him in the 2003 version. (I don’t really know if I approve of it, haha, but yeah… you’ll have to see them and draw your own conclusion :D )

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