13 July, 2014: New Korean Music List

Make sure you check out this week~ There were some really nice releases. G.O.D put out two more MVs… Z.Hera came back as well. There were no rock releases and few hip hop, but enough in the Kpop and indie categories if you’re into that. KIM WAN SUN – Goodbye My Love (feat. Tiger JK & Bizzy) ↓↓↓
Slight tango beat. The female vocals are sultry and somewhat old-school at times, and then the rap explodes! Great track!

Z.Hera – 섬 D island ↓↓↓
Another great-sounding song! Kind of a dreamy/eerie sound. The MV is kind of strange… I’d like to hear interpretations for it haha. It’s receiving attention with international fans for it’s positive use of diversity with the actors.

PARC JAE JUNG – Stalker ↓↓↓
Creepy MV with a trip-hop kind of pop song.

Ailee & 2LSON – I’m in love ↓↓↓
Ailee’s voice is great, like always here, but it’s strange how they got an actress to lip sync the song and she’s not even in it… I’m not sure what the point was lol Other than that, the concept is a good one… which is “living in love,” or loving all people you meet.

Park Ji Yoon – Yoo hoo ↓↓↓
I like this song for the most part. It’s so upbeat and I like her vocals. The chorus feels slightly messy though. The MV makes me want to travel!

G.O.D – Saturday Night ↓↓↓
Haha, ah, this old school boy band is back, and I see they’ve turned to comedy! They’re now in their mid-30’s to 40’s, and the MV is about ahjussi’s waiting to party. The end of the MV is pretty great, haha. Man, can’t you wait until your favorite boy group puts out a new MV 20 years from now? XD

G.O.D – The Story of Our Lives (Feat. Megan Lee) ↓↓↓
A more typical song from G.O.D compared to the last one. The MV is an inspirational one about a lonely and disconnected family that heals itself.

Kim Hyun Joong – Beauty Beauty ↓↓↓
Catchy song. There are some fun visuals in the MV.

NU’EST – Good Bye Bye ↓↓↓
This is a weird artsy MV. And I could hardly recognize Ren… his concept is leaning more towards the masculine side this time.

B.I.G (Boys In Groove) – Hello ↓↓↓
The lyrics are great hahaha! It’s a pop hip-hop anthem to Korea~ (I like how they brag about their fast internet and food lol) It has a really cute feeling to it, even though their concept has the trouble-maker look LOL

Evening – Always a child ↓↓↓
I really can’t tell if this is indie or idol rock… But it appears to be a co-ed soft rock group with female vocals. The MV is pretty cute!

BESTie – Like a star ↓↓↓
Not much to the MV, but the song is a nice ballad-y pop sound with some acoustic guitar in the background.

HuhGak & EunJi – Break Up To Make Up ↓↓↓
This MV is similar to their last collaboration. Thumb people! Pretty cute :3 한살차이- SUMMER ↓↓↓
Sweet and easy-going with complimenting female vocals.

Big Earth Little Me – A Waiting Star 아주 특별한 별 (feat. 노라조) ↓↓↓
Mmmm that beat! So energetic and free! The MV is kind of trippy, but fits. This is a good song! Lucite Tokki – Let Me Dance ↓↓↓ Upbeat, but somehow relaxing. Kind of electronica folk?

Schedule 1 (스케줄 원) – Approaching Midnight ↓↓↓
Electronica. The MV is fun to watch and see how DJs make music~

Hoochus – Teenage Years ↓↓↓
Cartoon-style MV. The song is fun.

Today’s Radio (오늘의 라디오) – Voyage To You ↓↓↓
Folk-style music. Sounds like a stroll on a summer day.

Can Can – Offenbach ↓↓↓ Symphony practice~   -NOTHING- NiiHWA – All Night Long ↓↓↓
Hip-hop combined with smooth chorus.

Holiday People – 비열한 도시 ↓↓↓
Kind of eerie feeling. Nice rhythm, in my opinion.

Bad Joyscoutt – Birthday (feat.Xin Seha, Birthday427) ↓↓↓


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