Wonderful Life Korean Drama

Wonderful Life

My Score: 6.5/10


Lead Actors:  Kim Jae Won Eugene Jung Da Bin Lee Ji Hoon Han Eun Jung

Episodes: 16

Genre: Family/Tear-Jerker/Drama

Summary: Two people meet while on vacation. They end up getting drunk and have a one-night-stand. After that, they separate and don’t expect to ever meet again.

Well, the woman finds herself pregnant and decides to raise it without the father. Circumstances happen and the father and his parents find out about the baby a year later. His family wants to take the baby as an heir, but since she doesn’t want to give it up, they are forced into marriage.

Review: It was all interesting and sometimes even funny. The drama was a kind of a typical forced marriage drama… that is, the couple had to learn to love each other while their past love interests were still after them. Their daughter was adorable and added a new twist to that kind of story-line.

Then suddenly the drama turned into a leukemia story.

It’s strange, because none of the summaries ever mention this, but the cancer story is what takes up the majority of the drama. I think it was done well though. Maybe as a parent myself I was more touched by it than others might be… I’m not sure, but it really got to me. It was heart-breaking. The acting was very good and I liked how people in the drama handled the situation.

 The main guy/dad was a jerk. He was a typical irresponsible lead that didn’t even like the woman he had to marry. Of course, that’s realistic (how would most guys act if they had to suddenly marry a one-night-stand because she got pregnant?), but it was frustrating watching it.  Plus, it didn’t help that as soon as they got married he had to go do his mandatory military service for a few years. I just felt so bad for his wife.

This drama really wasn’t about romance, but more about their child.

My Score: 6.5/10


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