Kingyo Club: Japanese Drama Review

kingyo club japanese drama

Kingyo Club

Japanese Drama (2011) Episodes: 10
Genre:Slice-of-Life/Drama/Romance My Score: 6.5/10 ★★★☆☆
Summary: Haru is a guy that thinks nothing matters. That is, until he meets Koto, a younger girl who’s being bullied. But, as someone who will graduate at the end of the year, just how can he protect her?
Lead Actors: Irie JingiKariya YuikoMizuno ErinaYoshizawa RyoKurihara Goro

kingyo club drama 3

Review: What if the one you loved is being bullied? What if you’re the one being bullied and are afraid it will push the one you love away?

Haru is a cold guy, who, after something happened to him a couple years ago, pushes everyone away. One day, he meets Koto, who’s being bullied because her mom left a negative impression on the first day of school.

He soon finds himself falling for her, but is afraid that she’ll be harassed even more if he gets too involved. So, using the two goldfish they won at a promo for a pet store, he creates the “Goldfish Club,” which is actually just an excuse for them to secretly hang out together after school.

“Fish that don’t sell well… will they always swim in the depths alone?”

kingyo club drama 1


This drama has really short episodes, (20 minutes), which makes it an easy watch. It has that simple, slice-of-life feeling that seems to be getting popular in Japanese dramas these past few years.

A lot of people thought the first episodes were “cute” because, well, first love is pretty cute. However, I felt it was a little bland. It didn’t feel like anything new or special.

Fortunately, it picked up around episode 4 or 5, when Haru’s back story was revealed. Things started getting more serious and darker around episode 6 when the bullying picked up a bit more and the crazy, deluded characters started coming out. (There was a chase scene that got my heart racing!)

Bullying is a big factor in this drama, however, I think the way the couple deals with it is the main focus. Love amidst the troubles of life.

I did find myself wondering about the way Haru deals with Koto’s situation in the beginning. To protect her, he hides her away. I couldn’t tell if her “place to belong” was supposed to be happy and hopeful, or sad because it was such a small place to live. By the end, that vibe was gone, so I think it was just Haru’s perspective growing and changing.

kingyo club drama 2


Most of the actors were new and had been in few dramas before this one, so we have to excuse anything sticking out in a bad way, haha. I think the actor for Haru was the best out of them all, but the others just didn’t show much emotion, (like Koto), or were a bit awkward in showing it, (Haru’s rival).

Koto was really adorable and i liked the gentle way she talked. Haru wasn’t really my type, but he completely changed for the better when he smiled, so it made those little moments even better. (My favorite character was Haru’s guy friend, who was the energetic, sporty type.)

The villains were nothing new. We had the group of bullies, the girl who’s secretly jealous of Koto, and the rejected male rival. However, they weren’t really the main focus, so while I did get mad at them, they didn’t weigh the drama down.


Check out this drama if you want something cute, but with some substance to it. I kept getting the feeling that even though it was simple, there was another bigger message behind it all.


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