29 June, 2014: New Korean Music List

Lots of good, (or at least interesting), Kpop comebacks and debuts!
Not too much rock this time.

This week includes K.Will, Jung Joon Young, HISTORY, 2BiC, GOT7, Hyomin, and more!

Jung Joon Young – TEENAGER ↓↓↓
I’m a big fan of him and can’t stop listening to his “Spotless Mind” song. His voice is great, he looks great, I like the rock style.
He’s 25 years old… the song is not about being a teenager~ I think the MV explains it well enough.

K.Will – Day 1 ↓↓↓
Okay, this is really too adorable. (0.58- 1.06 is the best part LOL) That guy has so much natural aegyo, I have no idea how any girl can ignore him, hahaha. K.Will really has some of the best romance MV/Song combinations.

2BiC – Walk Backward ↓↓↓
Man… such a great ballad group! I love their voices.

HISTORY – Psycho ↓↓↓
Okay, the first thing that popped into my mind was, “Whoo! Good job with that creepy expression!” The second thing was, “Ah, reminds me of VIXX.” Actually, I think dark themes are just starting to trend now, and I approve!
As for the song, I like the harmony and overall sound, as well as the dancing. Not sure it can compare to their debut though…

2NE1 – Crush (Japanese Version) ↓↓↓
Hnnng I just love this MV. I love their clothes and Bom & Minzy have some nice vocals in this song!

D-LITE – Rainy Rainy ↓↓↓
Daesung from Big Bang goes by this name when he’s releasing stuff in Japan. His voice is great! It sure would be nice if YG would let him release a solo album in Korea….

Say Yes – Get Out ↓↓↓
Man, I like the look of this group. It’s idol rock, but their image is punk instead of light-rock pretty lol.
The song is catchy and fun. (I like the end of the MV hahaha.)

BIGFLO – Delilah ↓↓↓
They’re interesting. It started out pop, but there are rock/rap parts that just jump out everywhere.
Some people are already comparing them to Block B, ToppDogg, ect… but I didn’t get that except for the dancing. That gruff rock part hasn’t really been done before.
Whether it’s good or not… I can’t decide yet lol (0:29 is where I started going WTF haha.) Sometimes it sounds like a mess… but I think it’s mainly because the rock part isn’t mixed in well enough. It feels like it’s laying on the top of the rest of the music. I think the lyrics are fun though.

GOT7 – A ↓↓↓
JYP’s new boy group~ All their teasers involved a girl called “A”, and this MV is the finale I guess.
It’s fun to watch, but the whole time, my sister and I were laughing about how the lyrics said the girl’s face said she liked them, yet in the MV, she was giving them dirty looks. The song is okay, though the “A~~~” part kind of gets tiresome lol

Jun.K – No Love (Korean Version) ↓↓↓
Yeah, the “cool” MV was already released. This is the studio “live” version. But it’s still really worth watching because of his gestures throughout his singing.

Kim Na Young & Shin Jong Wook & Tricky – I’m Sorry ↓↓↓
Wow this sounds great! Kind of dreamy in a way.

So Ji Sub – 18 Years ↓↓↓
Pretty sexy~ He passively lets gloved hands change his look numerous times. The atmosphere is kind of dark.

Halo – Fever ↓↓↓
Why is the upload quality of this MV so bad…? Ah well.
New boy group~ Such energetic dancing! The song isn’t bad either!

Kim Na Young – Sometimes ↓↓↓
A more upbeat ballad, with sad lyrics.

Takers – Wish You’d Call Me Oppa ↓↓↓
Nice sound. Not much to the MV.

Hyomin – Nice Body ft Loco ↓↓↓
Hyomin from T-Ara is putting out a solo album. Her look sure is different from before… eh I can’t say much because I don’t really like her.
She’s pretty sexy in the MV! I just… her face isn’t my style lol…
But whatever. If you’re a fan, just enjoy the MV and ignore me lol
And hmmm… I was expecting a lot of “slut-shaming” comments about the MV, but the majority are complaints about how she’s “fat-shaming”. Unexpected!

AOORA – Can’tStop (Feat. Tiffany & Anna) ↓↓↓
Really short MV. Kind of catchy. People say they can hear other songs in it, but hey, that’s pop music for ya~

2NE1 – Gotta Be You (Japanese Version) ↓↓↓

2NE1 – Come Back Home (Japanese Version) ↓↓↓


일곱시쯤 – Sunshine ↓↓↓
Wow the girl has a pretty voice! Sweet and relaxing.

박혜경 – 고백 (feat.산드라배) ↓↓↓
Gentle sound by a nice duo.

Aquibird – Street Dream (Finger Remix) ↓↓↓
Another gentle, lullaby-like song.

Sima Kim (feat. Almeeva) – Isolated ↓↓↓
Somehow this MV creeps me out when paired with this song… lol
Might be interesting to listen to this while driving alone in the dark.

Glittering Blackness, Fall – “3-3” ↓↓↓
“Introspective” and eerie.

Green Face – Dream ↓↓↓
Soft folk style

Green Face – How To Say Goodbye ↓↓↓
Sounds appropriately sad and full of longing.

A&P PLAY (아루앤폴 플레이) – Island ↓↓↓
Soft and somewhat soothing, though also sounds melancholic. Don’t know about the lyrics….

ONEr (워너) – Rewind ↓↓↓
This one seems to be fairly popular compared to other songs on this YT channel. It’s a light rock sound.
It has a nice guitar solo near the end.

Counter Reset – 착하게 살았어 ↓↓↓
Starts as bossa nova, but turns rock.

Sweet Revenge – Hello ↓↓↓
Showcase MV

Napoleon Dynamite – Welcome To My Cat’s World ↓↓↓
Not much rock this time, so have a good song with no MV~

Chas – 오늘은 아니야 (ft.LOCO, $asha) ↓↓↓
Female vocals in the chorus with kind of laid-back rapping. Feels a bit wistful.

1sagain & Jubora – If You Leave Me ↓↓↓
R&B/Hip Hop. Whispery rap with female vocals. Very nice.

Wari – 언젠간 (feat. 박성진) (ver.1) ↓↓↓
Rap with R&B. I like his style.

Untouchable – Take Out ↓↓↓
Slower, smooth, and nice beat. This duo is managed by TS, which manages BAP. They’ve been around since 2008.

Brand Newjiq – Good Morning ↓↓↓
Another smooth one with some R&B and rap. Pretty sensual sound.

Chedda & JDoq – Body Talk ↓↓↓
A live, but I’m posting anyway lol


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