July 2014 – New Korean Music

Since I got so behind with vacations and such, I made a post where I left off in July. This is much larger than the weekly posts… I don’t know if that’s better or worse, haha. There are lots of great songs though, so check it out!


13 July, 2014: New Korean Music List

Make sure you check out this week~ There were some really nice releases. G.O.D put out two more MVs… Z.Hera came back as well. There were no rock releases and few hip hop, but enough in the Kpop and indie categories if you’re into that.

6 July, 2014: New Korean Music List

Backtrack! Sorry, this previous week was late… I was gone for a week and ran out of time! Anyway, last week had quite a bit of good music. Make sure to check out the songs by Zizo, and 이지형 in particular. Clazziquai Project also came back, as well as Younha, Fiestar, Tiny G, and G.O.D.