Summer x Summer Drama Review

Summer x Summer

My Score: 6.5/10


Lead Actors: Joe Cheng Cai Yi Zhen

Episodes: 12

Genre: Romance/Slice-of-Life

Summary: A girl falls in love with a male model, which happens to be the brother of her new best friend. He starts feeling the same way.

Review: This was a cute little story about a boy who feels like he’s an empty shell and a girl who knows that’s not true.

If you’re a big fan of Joe Cheng, you should watch this drama to see a completely different side of him. I think this role had more of the “real” Joe in it, as opposed to It Started With a Kiss/ ISWAK, (a drama I personally hated). His smile is adorable… his character is cute, somewhat childish, and mischievous. Basically, if you didn’t really care for his character in ISWAK, you’ll probably like his character in this drama.

At first, the girl bothered me. She seemed too stupid. Fortunately, that didn’t last too long (you have to give it a few episodes) and I started to actually like her.

The dream and imagination flashback scenes were pretty funny. I found myself smiling through almost the whole drama.

Things I Didn’t Like: I think the reason it’s not as popular as some other dramas is because it doesn’t have that addictive feeling to it. There’s not a lot of angst or drama; it’s just a nice story. This means it can probably get kind of boring to some people. Don’t expect anything too amazing, but if you need a break from angst, then this might be good for you.

My Score: 7/10


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