Mendol-Ikemen Idol Drama Review

Mendol-Ikemen Idol

My Score: 8/10


Lead Actors: Kojima Haruna Takahashi Minami Minegishi Minami 

Episodes: 12 (each half an hour long)

Genre: Comedy/Ecchi

Summary: Three girls want to become idols, but keep getting rejected. Due to witnessing a crime, they disguise themselves as boys… and end up getting recruited as male idols!

Review: This is a comedy-style drama. There is romance, but it’s mostly comedy.

The characters are cute and have their own unique personalities. You have the mature leader, the tomboy, and the cutesy one. The supporting characters also stand out.

The story is interesting and unique. Besides having to pretend to be guys, they also have to deal with love interests… a girl that doesn’t know they’re not boys and of course, the typical guy that will love even if he thinks she’s a guy. Then there’s the ever-present criminal out on the lookout to find them after that first incident that caused all this in the first place, (which one of the girls actually falls in love with without knowing who he is).

Plus, I think the ending was really good with a few unexpected twists. (It also looks like there is probably going to be a sequel).

At first, I had mixed feelings about this drama. It had a lot more ecchi in it than I’d ever seen in a drama before… and I had previously been under the impression that the target-audience would be teenaged girls. I kind of understood after I found that the actresses were from the jpop group AKB48. Not implying anything bad about that group, but I personally think of “fan service” and “otaku fans” when I think of them… so that explains the target audience of this drama to me.

If you don’t like crotch and butt shots, women making out, photos of breasts, or people mentioning sexual things (for example, erections and “getting wet”), then you should probably avoid this drama.

However, if that stuff doesn’t bother you, or if you can get past it, (because there really isn’t THAT much of it in each episode if you think about it), it’s actually a pretty enjoyable drama.

Things I Didn’t Like: Yeah, I actually like fan service and I’m no stranger to actual hentai… but I felt uncomfortable on more than one occasion while watching this drama. Maybe because of the amount of outrageous ecchi content they put into it. I’m used to seeing a little ecchi in dramas, but there was quite a bit, and it was more extreme than I’m used to seeing in dramas as well… especially when I wasn’t expecting it when I first started watching. If I had known beforehand, it probably wouldn’t have bothered me.

At least they made the girls 18-year-old senior highschool students instead of junior high kids. I don’t think I could’ve stomached it if they had been that young.

My Score: 8/10


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