Attention Block B USA Showcase Attendees!

block b america

If you went to one of Block B’s showcases in the United States, you should get involved with this project!

It doesn’t matter if you went to NYC, DC, or Miami, as long as you showed up at one.

Chelci Catlady on FB is putting together a video for Block B. The details are as follow:

If you send me videos & pictures saying “Thank you Block B for coming to America/DC/NYC/Miami” or something on the lines of showing support for them to come back (alongside you name, age & location), I put it into a video. I’d like pictures/videos of BBCs’ adventures before, during & around the time of the concert. (I.e. fancams, footage of the line, meet ups, etc) You’ll be credited & sourced respectively.

If you don’t want your face shown, I’d also love to haveĀ screenshots of Facebook/twitter/tumblr post about fan accounts & concert memories.

I would prefer if all three showcase groups would come together; I don’t want it to be just the DC group who is submitting.
You can submit to me through Tumblr (@catzombiez), email ( & through Facebook (Chelci Catlady).

Note: I will not take & put anything in the video without your permission. If I do not ask you nor you submit something to me, if will not be in the video.

I’ll make sure the video will be done before the next comeback, at the end of this coming month.

Once the video is complete, we can make an email to Jazzy Group & Seven Seasons thanking them & presenting the video.

BBCs unite!


So, if you’re interested, get going before it’s too late!


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