Queen In-Hyun’s Man: Korean Drama Review

queen inhyun's man

Queen In-Hyun’s Man

Korean Drama (2012) Episodes: 16
Genre: RomCom/Drama My Score: 8.5/10 ★★★★☆
Summary: Two people fall in love, transcending time.
The man time travels to the future, where he meets a woman. Is their love fate, or is it doomed from the start?
Lead Actors: Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na


queen in hyun's man 2


The story is about a scholar living in ancient Korea. Someone who cares for him gives him a talisman from the Buddhist temple, which is supposed to be able to save his life. Sure enough, whenever he’s about to die, it transports him away from danger… but not just to another location; to another place in time!

Yup, it teleports him to the future. There, he meets an actress, who’s playing the role of a queen in a historical drama.

People who don’t like historical/sageuk dramas, probably won’t enjoy this Queen In-Hyun’s Man, since half of it is set in historical Korea. I don’t mind sageuk dramas, but I enjoyed the present time setting a lot more. I felt the beginning was amusing, but kind of slow. It was hard for me to get into this drama until episode 3, then it got more interesting.

This is mostly a romance. They fall in love quickly and their relationship moves pretty fast compared to other dramas, but that’s because the source of conflict isn’t about falling in love, it’s about whether fate will allow them to stay together or not. There are no romantic rivals or torrid break-up conflicts because there is enough drama in the idea that they may never see each other again. The other half of the plot has to do with the way the guy manipulates history to get revenge for his family and save the queen, which was often exciting, though set in the past.

queen in hyun's man 4

It’s a pretty solid story-line. Some little confusing things happen like it a lot of dramas, but they almost always provide an explanation for them. For example, earlier on, he called her on the phone awhile after she had mentioned that she should’ve given him her phone number. As I was wondering about that, the drama explained how it happened. I love it when dramas tie up loose ends. Of course, there were some things that were never explained, but they were the usual time-travel problems, and since it’s a fantasy story, stuff like that doesn’t need logical explaining, (such as how does she remember everything when nobody else does in episode 9?).

Wow, episode 9. When I saw the previews, I thought it was just going to be a frustrating, generic, memory-loss episode, but it was different from the usual ones. Instead of frustrating, it was just heart-breaking. Unlike other memory-loss plots, instead of merely losing memories, she gained additional ones… while still remembering the previous ones. I can only imagine how awful that must have felt! I mean, I’ve had dreams that seemed super real where I met someone I fell in love with. When I wake up, I feel a kind of loss. But that’s such a small-scale compared to what she had to deal with.

Considering the time-traveling, I think the way he has to get to the future is too extreme. After awhile, we stopped seeing how he got back and forth between worlds, but we knew how he was doing it. He was always casually going between worlds and it just doesn’t seem right considering he has to almost die to get to the present. It was strange to think he was trying to kill himself so often. I understand that they needed to do it that way, but it just left me with a weird feeling, haha.

queen in hyun's man 3


Both characters were innocent and cute. They were a good pairing and I wish them success with their real life dating.

I’ve been a fan of Ji Hyun Woo since “Old Miss Diary” and “Birth of a Rich Man.” It’s the first time I’ve seen him acting sageuk-style, so it felt pretty different seeing him in this drama. So different, in fact, that I couldn’t tell who he was right away! I just kept thinking that he resembled another actor I know haha, (which was, of course, actually him).

I enjoyed his character a lot. The character wasn’t too expressive, but I could still tell what emotions he was feeling. Though he was freaked out by being in a new world, he stayed composed. The only way one could tell that he was overwhelmed, was by the look in his eyes. It was nice to see such a thoughtful and intelligent character, who, at the same time, wasn’t exactly perfect.

I liked Yoo In Na’s acting a lot. She had a gentle way of talking, and was cute in a natural way. Her crying scenes were also realistic, which made the situations even more heart-breaking. It truly felt like she was in despair when she cried. I’d love to see her as a lead for more dramas in the future.

Also to note, knowing that these two actors actually started dating in real life, I couldn’t help but wonder exactly when they fell in love with each other. Yoo In Na said she fell in love with him while filming, but didn’t know if it was real or just the acting, so she told him to wait. I wonder… when did the lines between them become real?

As for supporting characters, I thought the friend/manager woman was annoying, but I can see that she balanced things out. I don’t think everyone will find her irritating… I just don’t like those overly-practical, insensitive types of characters. The ex-boyfriend had an immature thing going on. He was a playboy, narcissistic,  and selfish, but I couldn’t hate him for some reason. There was a rival co-star girl too, but she suddenly stopped appearing so much. I thought she was going to have a bigger part, oh well.

My favorite supporting character was the gisaeng girl. She was so pretty and kind. Throughout the drama, I kept hoping that he’d bring her to the present time somehow, haha.

queen in hyun's man

The ex-boyfriend and co-star.

Additional Thoughts

Haha, I get why it’s a point that he’s the last descendant! Maybe it’s because then we’re sure the girl isn’t related to him in any way? He had no children to carry on his genes to the future. I don’t think it’d be such a big deal that far into the past, but it’s just a thought!

I thought the multi-camera shot was kind of annoying. For example, during one line, the camera would shift angles up to three times! I just thought it was kind of distracting or dizzying. Sure, it made an impact sometimes, but I don’t think it was necessary for them to do it so often.

The soundtrack was pretty good. I like how it fused traditional music with modern.


If you like, or can tolerate, sageuk/historical dramas, and you like romance, then you should give this one a try. The ending will probably make you feel emotional!

The couple has great chemistry and the plot is solid.

queen in hyun's man 5

Pretty gisaeng girl.


2 thoughts on “Queen In-Hyun’s Man: Korean Drama Review

  1. I too found the multi=camera shot thing annoying, distracting and dizzying. So much so that it lessened the enjoyment of this drama for me. This is the type of story that I could watch over and over again, but when I tried to watch it a second time the camera switch thing was even more annoying, and I couldn’t finish it a second time. Since I already knew the story and wasn’t as concentrated on following it, I noticed the camera switches even more. I think it would be ok for a short time, like for a movie, but not constantly throughout a 16 episode drama. I’m surprised that more people haven’t mentioned this as a negative. I was glad to find your review to see that I wasn’t the only one who was bothered by it!

  2. This is my favorite drama ever. The chemistry and humor between Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo Ina was just wonderful. Although it led to their dating in real life, it sadly didn’t work out and they broke up after he was discharged from the military. I didn’t’t mind the split screen at all, but I kind of knew it was coming because I read a review that said the director used the same technique in 9, Nine Time Travels.I have watched this drama at least eight times and have loved it every time.

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