Short Time: Korean Movie Review

short time korean movie

Short Time (Lee Dae-ro Can’t Die)

Korean Film (2012) Director: Lee Yeong-Eun
Genre: Comedy/Action My Score: 7/10 ★★★☆☆
Summary: A cop learns he only has 3 months to live. Trying to die accidentally so his young daughter gets the insurance money, he starts going all-out while going after criminals.
Cast: Lee Beom-SooByeon Ju-YeonChoi Sung-GukSon Hyeon-Juand Kang Sung-Yeon

short time korean movie 4

Review: The alternate title is a play of words, as “idaero”, (이대로), means “like this” or “as things stand”, the title can mean “Can’t die like this”. This film is based on an American movie from 1990 called “Short Time”.

I didn’t think this movie was extremely hilarious, (I giggled; didn’t burst out laughing), but it was very amusing and did a good job staying a comedy through to the end, considering the subject.

I was a little skeptical about how comedic this movie would be. After all, Korean movie writers like making people cry, and this movie was about a guy diagnosed with cancer. While an American comedy with the same storyline would probably somehow save the guy by the end, I was pretty sure no Korean version would let go of an opportunity to make viewers reach for the tissues.

I was right.

The movie ends on a sad and touching note, giving it more depth than a usual comedy. However, I’d say 97% of the movie was pure comedy… and the ending credits do a decent job of keeping viewers from leaving the movie feeling depressed. So don’t be afraid to watch this if you want to see something funny.

short time korean movie 3

It had a nice flow and even though it seemed to be a subject that’s often used, it still felt fairly original… original enough to not be boring. It was fun watching such a loser and deadbeat liar suddenly be hailed as a hero for inadvertently capturing the criminals while trying to die. Sometimes characters like that can be annoying, but I think his character was done right in this movie. I rolled my eyes at him in the beginning, but by the end, I didn’t think he was such a bad guy.

His daughter was adorable and her mom, (who showed up after leaving their daughter with him) was pretty.  Korean movies and TV shows often like the idea that the first love is the best love sometimes, and I kind of got that vibe from this movie. However, it wasn’t overdone like others I’ve seen, and I thought it was an interesting and sweet side-story.

Warning: Vomit scene towards the beginning.

short time korean movie 2


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