You’re Beautiful Drama Review

You’re Beautiful/He’s Beautiful

My score: 8/10


Lead Actors: Jang Geun Suk Park Shin Hye Jung Yong Hwa Lee Hong Ki

Episodes: 16

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama/Teen

Summary: A girl named Mi Nyu wants to be a nun… however, her twin brother Mi Nam needs her to stand in for him while he’s getting surgery. So, she pretends to be her brother, Mi Nam, and takes his place as the new member of the popular band A.N. JELL until he gets back. While in this situation, she decides she will use this fame to find their long-lost mother.

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Review: I was expecting great things from this Korean drama after seeing all the high scores it was getting on all the drama websites. Everybody seems to love it.

I admit, it is interesting. I love the plot and actors, but… it just didn’t hook me. I watched it and liked it, but I couldn’t get addicted to it. I didn’t feel like “I must watch the next episode!!!”.

It has comedy, drama and romance. I laughed out loud quite a few times. There were some “what the heck?!” moments too that I liked.

The characters had enough problems and depth so that you could emphasize with them well.

Mi Nyu was really cute and sweet. I loved her haircut, haha~ It took me awhile to get used to Tae Kwang because of his bad personality and equally bad hairstyle. Eventually he got a better hairstyle and I came to realize there were good reasons he was the way he was and he started to grow on me (haha). Shin Woo was a really sweet and awesome guy. He always tried to protect Mi Nyu and be there for her. I adored Jeremy the most. I liked him right away and I liked him more as the drama went on as I found out he had a deeper side to his cute and happy-go-lucky self. Even the manager was interesting to me.

The “villain” wasn’t so annoying that you’d hate her and wish she wasn’t even in the show, like other dramas sometimes have. She had a certain charm about her so it was easier to deal with her.

Things I didn’t like: I feel like they were just toying with the idea of “which guy should she pick?“. I think they should’ve gone all the way with the idea or just left it alone. Throughout the whole drama you knew the other guys liked her… for no real reason- just like how so many guys liked Bella in Twilight. There’s no real reason… they just like her. It kind of bothered me. It would have been better though, if she was conflicted because of it. If they all liked her and she couldn’t choose which one she liked, it would’ve added another dimension of drama that would’ve made the show more interesting… but she was just completely oblivious to their feelings and was only interested in the leader of the band the entire time… even though he was a jerk to her most of the time.

And that’s another thing I can’t stand… when the main girl likes the meanest guy in the group for no apparent reason. WTF? Not good IMO. If it’s a playful kind of thing, or if he’s nice to her sometimes, it’s fine. But this guy made it clear he didn’t like her and didn’t want her around. The only time he was nice was when he had to be to keep her from getting killed. It’s not like he wanted to be nice; it was more so that he didn’t want to feel the guilt of her dying or horribly injured because he did nothing.

I loved all the actors too. However… the girl didn’t really act like a boy much. She also sung like a girl. I couldn’t help but wonder why nobody would realize she was a girl.

I was also plagued by the feeling of “it has been done before” while watching this series. It was fairly entertaining, yes, but there was something in the back of my mind that said they could have done so much more with it and put some more originality into it. In the end, it was just another “girl dresses up as a boy and has to keep it a secret, but the guy she has a crush on knows she’s a girl and protects her” situation. *Sigh*

My score: 7.5/10


8 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful Drama Review

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  5. I totally agree. I’ve noticed though that if there’s a nice guy and a jerk I should just give up on the good guy immediately. The jerk is always more intrusive, more forward, and always seems to win over the girl in the end. I’ve yet to see the nice guy be more outgoing. I’d like too though.

    • Yeah, it’s sad but true. I think dramas go that way because it makes it more satisfying when the guy suddenly starts being nice to her… I just wish they wouldn’t do it so often.

      But there are a few exceptions out there. Snow White/Taste Sweet Love is one of them :D

      • I’ve heard that Heartstrings is another drama where the good guy ends up with the girl too.

        I looked up that show and it seems interesting! Sadly the only episode I could find with eng subs was the first one. :( Spanish subs yes, by no English. Is there any chance you know where I could find it?

      • I watched most of Heartstrings on… but got bored with it XD;
        I think it was made mostly for fans of the drama You’re Beautiful. So if you watched that one and really liked the lead girl with Shin Woo instead of the lead guy, then you might like Heartstrings more ^.^

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