July 2014 – New Korean Music

Since I got so behind with vacations and such, I made a post where I left off in July.
This is much larger than the weekly posts… I don’t know if that’s better or worse, haha.

There are lots of great songs though, so check it out!

HA:TFELT – Ain’t Nobody ↓↓↓
One of my favorite songs this summer… the MV has it’s strange moments though lol

Block B – HER ↓↓↓
Groovy style song. I don’t think it’s in their usual style, so I’m not sure what to think haha, but it’s not bad!
Zico’s rap kills though, so, no complaints there!

HYUNA – 빨개요 (RED) ↓↓↓
I really do love this song… the lyrics are full of innuendo and it has a powerful sexy sound.
The MV… meh, okay… lol

South Light (사우스라잇) – Wet Shoes (feat. Layboy) ↓↓↓
Great melody!

The MV features the pig alien from their previous MV, though it’s mostly a dance to symbolize being in love/passion.

전설 Legend – 미.남. Left Out ↓↓↓
Pretty catchy!

REX.D(렉스디) – Ordinary Love (Feat. Sanchez(산체스) Of Phantom(팬텀)) ↓↓↓
Sanchez’s voice is always amazing… I love the lyrics, because they’re easy to relate to, but not often commonly sung about.

Girl’s Day – Darling ↓↓↓
Fun, jazzy/swing, dance thing.

Eddy Kim – Darling  ↓↓↓
A more seductive style of Eddy Kim~
Omg… this MV is so suggestive hahaha.

Taurine – Wish List ↓↓↓
Sultry and jazzy vocals. The lyrics are kind of humorous.

San E – Body Language(Feat. BUMKEY) ↓↓↓
Sexy concept with some humor thrown in.

B-Rock – B-Rock (ft. Gemini) ↓↓↓
I think it was trying to be funny, but it was just kind of weird haha. It doesn’t sound bad though.

Jiggy Dogg – 제일 잘한 일 The Best Thing I Did (feat. 오하영) ↓↓↓
Decent song, but boring MV.

Taewan – Good Morning (Feat. Verbal Jint) ↓↓↓
Happy sounding song~ The car looks awesome, and so does VJ!

BESTie – Hot Baby ↓↓↓
Cute/sweet summer MV

PARC JAE JUNG –  ICE ICE BABY (Feat. Beenzino) ↓↓↓
On the smooth side. Beenzino is a great feature for this song.

INFINITE – Back ↓↓↓
An MV for all the sadistic fans that like to see the boys get the shit kicked out of them! :D

Nolza – 부비붐 Bubi Boom ↓↓↓
Don’t question it… just go with it.

Heyne – Red Lie ↓↓↓
Adorable girl, and I’m amused by the stink-eye she keeps giving throughout the MV haha.

Hahyungon Factory – Bikini Paradise ↓↓↓
Light pop summer song.

제스트 Zest – 어젯밤 이야기 Last Night Story ↓↓↓
Cover of an old song. This boy band has added humor to their debut MV with the overall concept… though it would’ve been better if they had incorporated the concept into the whole MV instead of beginning and end lol.

Reggae hip-hop. (He seems too well-known to put into the indie category and he’s usually not really hip-hop so…)

SKULL(스컬) – I’m getting married (feat. Eugene(유진) of THE SEEYA) ↓↓↓
I kind of like the song… Eugene’s voice is pretty. The MV is mature-themed. I just didn’t like seeing the girl getting pushed around.

Sinzo – Lips (feat. 황태익) ↓↓↓
Hip-hop Kpop. Kind of cute haha.

Sung Hyun – 좋다 너가 (feat. 우빈(Woobin) ↓↓↓
Another cute hip-hop Kpop song.

Homme – It Girl ↓↓↓
Bouncy beat with whistling, though staying with a mature feeling. I like their vocals.

BLAST (블래스트) – Girl It Girl ↓↓↓
MV is fairly low quality… but the song is pretty decent!

일, 스티브 우 (Kyle, Steve Wu) – Never Goodbye (Feat. Munelin) ↓↓↓
Club beat

Hyungdon & Daejune – PARK YOU ↓↓↓
Humorous rap… making fun of unfortunate names hahaha

후니와 뽀빠이 – Sushi is expensive ↓↓↓
Party/club sound

Ra.D (라디) – As Always ↓↓↓
Wistfully optimistic…
The MV is dreamy hipster style lol

Seo In Guk – 돌아오는 길 (Finding myself) ↓↓↓

Kim Jung Hoon – 하루 The Day ↓↓↓
Relaxing piano with soothing vocals.

Shin Hyo Beom – 시간이 됐다면 Once Time Comes ↓↓↓
Melancholy sound. Touching ballad. The MV is sad.

Sistar – Touch My Body ↓↓↓
Kinda catchy, pretty sexy. The dance looks fun!

Delight – Hate You ↓↓↓
Okay song… I feel it’s a step back from their previous stuff.

 Peacock – 길들여지다 Apprivoiser ↓↓↓
Quiet ballad

JINHO – 나비 (Butterfly) ↓↓↓

Phon(폰) – I’ll Be Your Spring ↓↓↓
Ballad with a slideshow MV

KOOMINA(쿠미나) – Suddenly ↓↓↓
Ummm…. blantantly relying on sex appeal instead of talent.
The beat’s not bad but… sorry, the gyrating around the mattress kinda ruined it for me lol.


1sagain & Joo Bora – 날 떠난다는 가정 아래 ↓↓↓
Really pretty, flowing rap with ballad-like female vocals. Lovely song.

A June(에이준), J Beat – Factory Girl ↓↓↓
Nice beat! Lyrics in English.

LADIES – See Through(Primary) Acoustic ver. ↓↓↓
Very cool acoustic cover of Primary’s song!
(Spoiler… the singers aren’t women.)

DJ KOO – The Meaning Of Life ↓↓↓
Club music

 바리톤 정경 – Beethoven: Ich Liebe Dich (그대를 사랑해) ↓↓↓
Opera-style singing.

Coreyah – 잘못났어 Born Wrong ↓↓↓
Has a galloping sound to it.
According to YouTube’s account, this song “expresses Korean traditional card game ‘Tujeon-nori’ in a rap battle format.” Sounds cool~

Pa Hul Za (빠흘자) – Pissing Me Off (님좀짜) ↓↓↓
This is so… so… strange haha. Electronic.
Like Yas Mean’s top comment on the MV says:
“you will never be high enough for this. feeeeel the weird.. let the weird wash over you. I dare you to make it through the whole video.”

Herz Analog – 연애상담인듯 ↓↓↓
Co-ed vocals with a bossa nova style beat.

빅 (VIC) – 빠리쌀롱 ↓↓↓
Fun sound

CHITA (치타) – 나에겐 ↓↓↓
Indie pop. The MV is simple, but sometimes entertaining.

OOHYO (우효) – Vineyard (English Ver.) ↓↓↓
I like how the vocals sound.

Zitten – 안개 ↓↓↓
Folk sound

BillZ – Let’s Go Hunting ↓↓↓
Pop/Electronic club sound. Somewhat amusing.

Shin Hye Sung and LYn – Buen Camino (Lyrics Ver.) ↓↓↓
Jazzy, somewhat elegant, bossa nova.

Used Cassettes (유즈드카세트) – 열대, 우리 ↓↓↓
Summer MV
I can’t describe the song. It’s kind of an indie rock thing.

We Are Here (위아히어) – Hopeless ↓↓↓
Kind of strange MV
The song has a nice melody.

Mmazel (엠마젤) – LoveDesign ↓↓↓

루아민 Ruamin – I Can Fly ↓↓↓

Yoon Ddan Ddan (윤딴딴) – Sansachun Song ↓↓↓
Indie pop

Sis (시스) – My Confession  [Female Response to Bro(브로)] ↓↓↓
Sweet female vocals. The MV has kind of a serious subject matter, and it seems she’s better off without the guy….

강고은 – 상수동 밤거리 ↓↓↓
Cute vocals with easy-going sound.

짙은 – 안개 ↓↓↓
Soothing with a nice melody.

윤계면 – 자전거 ↓↓↓
Another soothing one.

AndMe (앤드미) – Nothing (feat. Choi Yu Jin 최유진) ↓↓↓
Female vocal ballad.
The MV is pretty cute!

데이브레이크 – HOT FRESH ↓↓↓
Do you like synth and funky 90’s music…? You’ll probably like this one.

Han Seung Seok & Jung Jaeil – 빨래 ↓↓↓
Fusion Gugak style of music.
Thirteen minutes!

Han Seung Seok & Jung Jaeil – 건너가는 아이들 ↓↓↓
Another one. This is about eight minutes.

 Sugimoto Ladyland – Sugimoto Ladyland ↓↓↓
Ah nice melody! Somewhat minor key at times.

스트라이커스 The Strikers – TV-Monster ↓↓↓
Energetic. I like the vocals and melody in this one.

GOGOSTAR – 망가진 밤 (Broken Night) ↓↓↓
This band usually has somewhat stranger-sounding songs, haha. The MV really lives up to that!

Woo Gonghyeon (우공현) – Rocket ↓↓↓
Easy-going with a nice beat.

one more chance – Happy (뭐가 그리 좋은지 몰라) ↓↓↓
Very easy-going. They listed it as Rock, but I’m not sure lol…
Animated MV

London Fuzz – Seven Days, Seven Seas ↓↓↓
Kind of trance-like? Dreamy, quiet, vocals.

Taewan – History (feat. San E) ↓↓↓
Awww man… Taewan and San E are both great in this song!

Jolly V – Yes! Yes! Yo! ↓↓↓
Female rapper, Jolly V kills it like usual~
Kind of on the dance side.

Great collab!

Dang, I love cyphers…

REX.D(렉스디) – TO VIOLET ↓↓↓
Very very nice sound. The MV is nice to look at too.
The lyrics just sound like a guy who’s bitter lol

N.oin – 불호령 ↓↓↓
Darker Khiphop

Short MV

허인창 – 그러던지 말던지 ↓↓↓
Laid-back and smooth.

Kwan-Jo – Stuck ↓↓↓
Groovy, but short.

Dawit (다윗) – P.N.P (Push & Pull) ↓↓↓
Decent. The MV is all about pimping out a sexy girl.

JEON MINJU(전민주), YUNA KIM(유나킴) – Good bye Rain(비별) (Performance ver.) ↓↓↓
(Kpop rap) Female rapping with male vocals.
The dance break is fun to watch.

Taewan – 나란사람 ↓↓↓
Mmm old school C-luv~


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