Choiza’s Wallet Contains Sulli’s Photo

sulli and choiza dating 2

So… Choiza of Dynamic Duo is might actually be dating Sulli of f(x). Someone “found” his wallet the other day, and in his wallet was not just a photo of Sulli, but couple photos taken with Sulli.


There’s a 14 year age gap between the two, but whatever. Choiza was 14 when she was born, so it’s a “sibling” type gap, and Sulli is a 20-year-old adult.

Choizas wallet

Choiza’s Wallet

Nobody seems to really be freaking out so far. Probably because Choiza is an adult in and adult company, so he doesn’t have many crazy young fans. On Sulli’s part, well, Choiza is more mature and manly than any fanboy who’d actually seriously care about this, so I assume none of them feel they have the right to complain (lol).

The two of them were also allegedly spotted on a date back in September 2013, (which both companies denied), so it’s not like this is a huge shock.

I think it’s interesting that Choiza seemed to be a romantic topic before that, in July 2013, as he said he’d date Hyorin from SISTAR if she asked, and around the same time, Son Na Eun from A Pink stated Choiza was her ideal type. But, Choiza was promoting at the time, and you know how companies like to use romance to boost interest in artist!

sulli and choiza dating

3 years before the “date.” F(x) were military ambassadors.

So, part of me is thinking about f(x)’s comeback. It’s hard to shake the feeling that this was orchestrated by SM Entertainment to get attention on f(x). I mean, they could actually be dating, but what a coincidence that the photos were found at this time. Especially since the photo of Sulli in the wallet is one you can find online. Hm. Maybe he wanted a glamour shot of her or something? Also, the sticker photos in the wallet just resemble Sulli, and he was previously dating a model who resembled Sulli at certain angles. I mean, during their dating “scandal” netizens were pulling up old photos of Choiza with his ex and thinking it was Sulli in the photos.

Choiza’s company didn’t confirm or deny anything about the photos and merely stated:

After checking up on it, the wallet in the picture uploaded online is indeed the wallet Choiza had lost. However, the pictures inside the wallet are a matter of the artist’s private life, so we have nothing to say on that matter.

If I were a full conspiracy-theorist, I’d probably believe they’re trying to get attention away from the Baekhyun/Taeyeon dating scandal… but I doubt anything could really do that LOL

Anyway… I think this couple looks great together and support it if it’s true!



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