Princess Hours: Korean Drama

Princess Hours/Goong

Korean Drama

My Score: 8.5/10


Lead Actors: Yoon Eun Hye Joo Ji Hoon Kim Jung Hoon Song Ji Hyo Kim Hye Ja

Episodes: 24

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama

Summary: Based on a manhwa of the same name, (which actually ended a few years after this drama aired). This drama takes place in an alternate reality, where the monarchy was preserved in Korea like in Great Britain.

Because of a promise between the king and a commoner, an average schoolgirl must marry the Crown Prince in an arranged marriage. Neither of the teenagers know this until it actually happens.

So, while she has to learn how to behave properly in the palace, she also has to work on relationship problems with the prince.
To make problems worse, the ex-Crown Prince returns to the palace and falls in love with her. Also, the current Crown Prince had to break up with his girlfriend of two years to accept this arranged marriage….

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Review: This was almost my first Kdrama but I couldn’t find any other episodes at the time to finish it. I remember feeling really confused about what was going on and what roles everybody had… but watching it now, I can’t really find anything to be confused about, haha.
Therefore, I don’t recommend this as a first Kdrama. Wait until you or your friend knows more about Korean culture and it will be enjoyed more.

The plot itself isn’t too original… I mean, most dramas have some kind of love triangle, and Cinderella stories are nothing new. However, the intrigue of the palace,  the beautiful set, along with the depth of the characters, made this drama feel refreshing, (though it came out in 2006).
The drama is aesthetically pleasing. The soundtrack was perfect and the set was amazing. I loved looking at all the details of the furniture and decor.

Yoon Eun Hye is really cute here. Her character, Chae Kyung, is kind of childish. I’m pretty sure they wanted to show her innocence and free-spirited ways that came from not being brought up in the palace. There was some nice character development and by the end, I could hardly remember how silly she was in the beginning.

The prince, Shin, is cold and mean, but it’s understandable why he’s that way… his dreams of being with the girl he likes was shattered and he doesn’t even want to be the prince. Luckily, he gets more appealing around episode 7, when we start getting to know the real him. However, I was super frustrated by his lack of communication and coldness in the last half of the drama, (he does get a lot better in the last two episodes when he learns to fully open up to his wife). Even though his actions were irritating, the viewers got to see enough to be able to sympathize with him. We saw what he really wanted to say, but just couldn’t, and it was so sad!

Yool is easy to sympathize with at first. You could feel him thinking, “that should’ve been me” as the wedding progressed. As time goes on, it was harder for me to really care much about him. I just kept feeling like he brought it on himself. However, thinking about it, it’s not too hard to understand why he couldn’t let go… anybody could see that Chae Kyung was wilting in the palace and it really seemed like Shin didn’t care about her sometimes. Therefore, Yool thinking that he needed to help her and that it couldn’t last long, was reasonable.

I think their characters behaved realistically and their personalities made them feel like real people. I could understand the way Chae Kyung acted and why her character slowly changed. I liked how the problems between their personalities felt like problems actual people would have. For example, Chae Kyung trying to tell Shin her feelings, but having him misunderstand because he just wasn’t used to it. In theory, that should have solved a lot of problems, but in real life, things don’t always turn out that way because feelings get in the way.

It is a pretty long drama, but it’s really worth watching. The ending was really fitting in my opinion.


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