6 July, 2014: New Korean Music List


Sorry, this previous week was late… I was gone for a week and ran out of time!
Anyway, last week had quite a bit of good music. Make sure to check out the songs by Zizo, and 이지형 in particular. Clazziquai Project also came back, as well as Younha, Fiestar, Tiny G, and G.O.D.


Zizo – Run ↓↓↓
I love this! It’s upbeat and fun.
The MV is worth watching for the humor and how happy he looks!

Planet Shiver – SIN (feat. 나비) ↓↓↓
This one is great too! The MV is dark and the song is a mix of sultry and club beat.

AirPlane – Back to the future ↓↓↓
Hip-hop/pop. This song somehow has a refreshing old school sound.

CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT – Love Satellite ↓↓↓
Sometimes Clazziquai Project really freaks me out… lol
This MV is so weird and features a stalker pig-alien-man. The song is great though!

Younha – Umbrella ↓↓↓
Her voice is as amazing as always!

DJ Hanmin – Put Your Phones Up (feat. Crispi Crunch) ↓↓↓
Great club sound~

FIESTAR – One More ↓↓↓
Sexy MV and catchy song from this girl group!

Ra.D – Fly Away ↓↓↓
Kind of groovy, laid-back music with a great beat.

G.O.D. – Sky Blue Promise ↓↓↓
Old school r&b kpop group is back! I have to say the song is pretty decent!

U-KISS Soohyun – 바보(Like a fool) ↓↓↓
Very lovely ballad~

Here’s the girl group with only super short girls in it.
The song has an r&b sound.

TOP.IC  – SEE YA ↓↓↓
Happy and cute!

LU:KUS – So Into U ↓↓↓
Not bad, but really not original… I think a big part of it was the MV. Gas masks are nothing new haha, so that made people think of other groups when it came to the song.

Scarlet – Hip Song ↓↓↓
I do like the hard club beat in this song.
The MV has an amateurish feel to it, but it still looks fun.

So Ji Sub – Boy Go (Feat. Soul Dive) ↓↓↓
Another song by actor So Ji Sub. The MV is fairly interesting!

A-JAX – 뱀파이어의 꽃 OST ↓↓↓
I usually don’t post OSTs, but I haven’t heard from A-JAX for awhile…

바른생활 – 너를 만나러 가는 길 ↓↓↓
Wow… this MV made me tear up at the end… Really great!

이지형 – 느낌적인느낌 ↓↓↓
Acoustic with some nice vocal harmony on the chorus.

Schedule 1 – Back Hug (feat. J’kyun) ↓↓↓
J’kyun is really… haha. He almost always has a comical, but pervy, style.

윤딴딴 – 함께 ↓↓↓
Cute folk indie song with male vocals.
The MV is fun and might make you hungry sometimes~

Bro – 고백했는데 ↓↓↓
The MV is comic-style, which is really fun to watch!

오수연 – 안녕, 여행 ↓↓↓
Relaxing with a beat.

M-Fitz – You’re the reason of my life ↓↓↓
Laid-back ballad.

Remember Us – 잘해 ↓↓↓
Bit of an R&B/smooth/beat sound.

Han ChaeYoon – Walking In Paris ↓↓↓
Gentle sound.

Schedule 1 & Ireesha – We Make This World GO! (Electro Mix) ↓↓↓
English vocals with Ireesha. Nice club sound. The MV is cheesy though lol.

Label – Jaguar ↓↓↓
Kind of a funk thing going on combined with a synth and rock sound.

Haha, I like how a good amount of the comments on the MV are “this goes so hard!”

Dead`P – WHAT’S GOOD ↓↓↓
Love Dead ‘P’s voice, so it’s great to have him put out a new track!

Xena – Who M I (feat.일리닛, New Champ, MYK) ↓↓↓
Putting this in Hip Hop because of who’s featuring in this. There’s something sexy about this one.
The MV is just a lyric video so there’s not much to it.

Junweather (준웨더) – I Stand Alone ↓↓↓
Nice! The backtrack goes well with the rap. On the fierce side.

COOLKIDS – SeeYa (feat.Jay Vito) ↓↓↓
Slower rap. The MV is on the cuter side of romance.


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