The Thousandth Man: Korean Drama Review

The-Thousandth-Man kdrama review

The Thousandth Man

Korean Drama (2012) Episodes: 8
Genre: Romance/Comedy/Fantasy/Drama My Score: 8/10 ★★★☆☆
Summary: A gumiho only has 3 months to get her last liver. However, she’s so preoccupied with finding a man who loves her enough to willingly die for her, that it seems almost impossible for her to get it.Soon, she runs into a man who looks just like her husband from the past. However, he refuses to fall in love with anyone, so she continues to look for her last man.
Lead Actors: Kang Ye WonLee Chun HeeJun Mi Sun, and Hyo Min

Review: “What kind of girl are you?” “One that can only live on death.”

Another gumiho drama! Yes! For some reason, I just love romantic stories about gumiho, (which are fox demons who can only become human by eating the livers of men).

This particular gumiho story expands more on the parallel of “The Little Mermaid” as seen in “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho“. She must take the liver of 1,000 men within 1,000 years or she’ll die, (by turning to foam), without becoming human. By the end, she must choose between letting herself live, or letting the man live.

the thousandth man kdrama 1

Gumiho form. Pretty different from her human form!


Though it’s set up ultimately as a tragedy, it’s actually mostly comedy. There were a few drama parts set up throughout that were fairly good, but when it came to the last episode, the drama was executed very well.

As a comedy, there are some silly conflicts and things that don’t make too much sense, but hey, it’s funny. Those goofy situations served their comedic purpose. It’s the type of story that you can’t really let yourself think too much about, (like, if her gumiho family wasn’t as picky as she was when it came to taking livers, then shouldn’t they be much older human-wise?). I particularly liked the flashbacks of her past and seeing the different types of guys she met.

I thought the story itself was very unique. Besides the interesting modern-day gumiho plot, it might also be considered a restaurant drama. A lot of the story takes place at the restaurant owned by the male lead and this restaurant was unique on it’s own. It’s called “Last” and the idea behind it is that it will only serve one person at a time, through a reservation that’s extremely difficult to get. It seems they only cater to people that have a good reason for coming to them. Not only that, but the restaurant will pick the menu for them based on the situation. So that was a great side plot that was easily combined into the story.

There was a lot of foreshadowing about what was going to happen, but at the same time, I couldn’t be sure how it would end. I love not being able to guess.

I saw some people feeling irritated with her actions, saying she was so worried about “true love” but had no problems killing the ones who loved her. However, if you watch the drama to the end, you’ll find that that was the point. Both the gumiho and the male lead learn about real love together. The ending kind of left me with and unsatisfied feeling, but it still felt like that’s how things should’ve ended.

the thousandth man kdrama 3

Gumiho, her mom, sister, and guy who likes the sister.


I liked the female lead. I thought her eyes really had a “gumiho” look to them for some reason. I know many people were annoyed with her character, but I think they just weren’t able to realize that she wasn’t a human. Gumiho are  animals and don’t think the same way humans do, so of course she’s going to do strange things.

The male lead had cute mannerisms, like how he would look down and shrug. Because of a secret he has, his character refused to fall in love, and so, had a kind of innocence about him. I thought it was extreme how he fell in love so much with the female lead in that short amount of time, though I know it had to be that way because it was half the amount of episodes a usual drama is. However, I guess it’s not too hard to accept since he seemed to be a reincarnation of her past husband who loved her very much. There’s also the factor that maybe he was the type to love deeply all along, but since he avoided falling in love for so long, it wasn’t apparent until his defenses were down and he allowed himself to do so.

I didn’t really find the younger sister’s side story to be extremely interesting. It wasn’t boring at all, I just didn’t find it to be unique. The mom’s side story was there for comedic purposes and I enjoyed that. Secretary Park was in love with her, and he was so dramatic! I kind of felt bad for him, but at the same time, he was so eccentric that it was funny.

There were also a lot of kpop idol cameos. Off the top of my head I can name Jinyoung from B1A4, Jaehyo from Block B, and Woohyun from Infinite. Some were surprisingly good, others decent, and some were just a bit lacking. However, I feel that none of them really brought the series down.

the thousandth man kdrama 2

Gumiho with her main love interest.


Watch this if you want a quick, amusing, fantasy-type story.

Even if the ending is lacking a bit in wrapping up the emotions, it was still done well. Compared to the rest of the drama, I wasn’t expecting to feel so much for the characters when the inevitable happened.


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