About Me


I’m a drama-addict haha.

One day in September 2011, I decided to actually do something with my drama-watching and created this blog. If it doesn’t help someone out there, at least it’ll eventually help me somehow :D

I started listening to Kpop around 2001 and started watching Asian dramas around 2006.


I’ve always been really into foreign countries and such. It all started when I was about 7 years old and found out that other countries exist. I listened to a lot of Celtic/Gaelic music and wanted to live in Ireland or Scotland, haha.

When I was about 12, I watched a French film… Last Year at Marienbad…. and fell in love with France.

Last Year at Marienbad… my first foreign subbed film.

I started an attempt to learn the language, but was thwarted when I came across some Greek in an old dictionary. I loved the look of that alphabet.  So, at 13/14 I loved Greece and anything that had to do with Greece, including Greek mythology. I learned the alphabet and attempted to learn that language. (I also really liked Xena, even though I was aware it was historically inaccurate lol).

Xena… my best friend and I pretended we were Xena and Gabrielle.

However, my obsession with anime – FOX Kids introduced me to Digimon – led me to an interest in Japan at 14/15. Learning Japanese was much easier for me, since I’d watch anime with English subtitles, so I had more exposure to the language than the previous ones I had tried to learn. Thanks to the internet, it wasn’t too hard for me to find J-pop and J-rock music… and along with those, I found K-pop, (along with Mandopop and Thai pop), too.

Digimon… I was obsessed with it.

During my older teen years it was hard for me to decide whether to study Japanese or Korean. I felt Korean was easier as a written language, but that Japanese was easier to learn vocally. Korean wasn’t as catchy to me… I felt like the syllables all sounded too similar and I couldn’t distinguish any words.

However, at 24, something just clicked. It could have been all the Korean dramas I’d been watching, since I preferred them over the Japanese dramas, (more romance haha), but suddenly I just recognized a ton of words!


summer snow

Around 2006, when I was 19/20 years old, I watched my first drama Summer Snow. I was going on a big anime binge, when I ran into a journal on DeviantART. Someone was talking about how great Summer Snow was and I got really curious and watched it. Before then, I didn’t even know Asian dramas existed, haha…. Well Summer Snow got me hooked and immediately after watching it, I re-watched it with my husband. As soon as I was done re-watching it, we watched Nobuta wo Produce. I saw both on YouTube.

Then I found Crunchyroll. Back then, Crunchyroll had all the dramas you could think of. It’s just a blur from there. I was so addicted to dramas that I can’t even remember what I watched at that time, haha.


So that’s my history lol.

If you have any drama/musician requests, let me know!

Also, if you must know, I’m a major BBC, (Block B fan), and Zico is my ultimate bias, (favorite out of all celebrities).

Here is the list of all the dramas I’ve watched, in case you want to know before recommending one to me: My Drama List


48 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey hey! I gotta say hi because I LOVEEEEEEEEE SUMMER SNOW TOO! Haha!
    But I’m surprise u didn’t see THE jdrama of all (well, some ppl say it’s Long Vacation but it’ll always be Love Generation to me. That was my first jdrama and no matter how many times I watch it, I always cry! Haha)
    So girl, I recommend Love Generation! Oh oh, don’t miss

    And recently, i saw a TW drama called EX-BOYFRIEND. Yes, I was drawn to it at first because I thought it could be a remake of Moto Kare (I’m a huge fan of Tsuyoshi!). I find one scene that occur in both dramas. Other than that… nope, it isn’t a remake.
    I really REALLY REALLY like it and I hope u won’t miss it!! HOWEVER, there’s no eng sub yet (I don’t think anyone is picking it up as a subbing project *sad*)
    But if you know chinese too, PLEASE DON’T MISS IT!
    I gave it a 10/10 (despite a very different but REALISTIC ending).

    Of course, I talked about jdrama, twdrama, who can miss kdrama?
    Haha! But I like to recommend an older drama… What Happen to Bali.
    *thumb’s up*

    OMG. Chinese music. With free downloads, I haven’t purchase CD for awhile until a few years back, I started listen to this genius and the rest is history (including money out of my pocket for buying all his CDs)
    Don’t miss Khalil Fong!!! America born cantonese singer-songwriter!
    i LOVE him! Haha!
    And yes, I can go on and on! If you’re interested in chatting, send me an email!
    And this is my gift to you:
    Haha! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKASWjGMeRs

    • Ooo thank you for the recommendations! XD I’ll definitely watch Love Generation :D
      The TW EX-BOYFRIEND has been on my watchlist since I saw a gif I liked on tumblr… so I’m glad to hear it’s actually really good! But… I didn’t know it wasn’t being subbed yet! T_T I hope someone picks it up soon!

      Ah, I haven’t watched What Happened in Bali yet either! XD There’s just so many to watch! *o* haha

      Thank you for the music recommendation too! Khalil Fong has such a nice voice! I’ll make sure to listen to more by him too! ^.^

  2. I see that Princess Hours is not on your list. If you really have not watched that, I can fully recommend it. The first half was a lot of fun. More drama in the second half.

    • Oh, I have it listed under Goong, but at the time it came out I couldn’t finish watching it because I couldn’t find all the subs for it >.< I really need to pick it up again!
      Thanks for recommending it so I could remember about it :D

  3. I’m surprised to not see Boys Over Flowers on your list. It’s my all time favorite!! Please check it out. Promise you won’t regret! :)

    • I watched episode one awhile ago :D I think it was pretty good so far… I’m not sure it will compare to the Japanese version though, haha. That’s one of my favorite Japanese dramas :3

      I’m going to finish watching the Korean version when my sister comes back from summer vacation XD

  4. There is a movie that I watched a couple month ago and i was wondering if you saw it. 71 : Into the Fire, I got really surprise ( in a good way) by this movie.

    • Oh I’ve heard a lot about it, but I heard it was sad so I’m afraid to watch it… haha.
      But I guess if I was able to get through the movie “Maudy Thursday”, I should be able to handle any XD

      • He is the reason why I watch it and it was a good decision. T.O.P play is awesome. Now the next Korean movie I’m dying to watch is Yeogasi ( Deranged) with Kim Dongwan….

      • Yeah, from clips I’ve seen and from “19”, I think TOP is really good as an actor.
        It’s sad to think about, but BigBang will eventually disband and I think acting will be a really good thing for him to concentrate on when that time comes :D

      • I think he already said he wanted to become an actor if anything happen with bigbang. You remember when GD and Daesung got into trouble ? they was about to disband….

      • Yeah, I remember they said that before those scandals happened they were drifting apart from each other and doing their own projects, but after the scandals, they were brought together again. So I guess something good came from that at least.

      • Exactly if it wasn’t of those scandal we wouldn’t have Fantastic Baby XD.
        Other thing that scandal give it’s humanity, they are human and they have the right to do mistake.

  5. I love finding more and more blogs written by people just like ME!!

    I only started watching Korean Dramas this year, but I’ve probably made my way through 20 of them if not more. I’m currently teaching myself how to speak/read/write Korean, much to the chagrin of my husband and kids who think I’ve gone off the deep end, and plan on making a trip to SK in 2018 for the Winter Olympics.

    Definitely bookmarking your blog on my PC/iPad/Phone..
    Gawd, I’m such a nerd..lol



    • Haha, I totally understand you! :D When I first got into Kdramas I just couldn’t stop watching them!

      I got my little sister into it too and even sent her to a Korean Immersion camp to learn Korean for 2 weeks, (I’m going to make a post about that soon!).

      Oh the Olympics is a good excuse to go :D Haha

  6. OMG, Korean Immersion camp..lol.. Sounds like language water boarding!!
    I can’t wait to read all about it =D

    Yeah, I figured I’d wait for the Olympics. I mean, seriously. Two birds, one very large stone. What could possibly go wrong (aside from the fact that I might fall even more in love with the country and don’t want to come home… >.<)

    PS: Panda and the Hedgehog. Pretty cute so far. Faith isn't bad either, if you like Lee Min Ho. May Queen is off to a slow start still being stuck in the childhood years, and Arang and the Magistrate is good as well.

    PPS: I need my life back… wait, no I don't.

    • Now I’m thinking about going to Korea for the Olympics too! Haha :D

      There are so many good Kdramas this season, it’s crazy!
      I’m actually re-capping Arang and the Magistrate since my favorite actor and actress are both in it, (I never thought that would actually happen, haha).

      The others are on my to-wach list, except for May Queen. What is that one about?

      • May Queen is basically about a young woman who fights to be recognized in the ship building industry. The first few episodes so far are explaining why everyone is where they are by diving far into the past (as far as when the female lead was an infant). The show is currently in the ‘teenage years’, and I do have to admit, while I find that to be somewhat boring and tedious, the young actors playing the parts are just amazing!! Kudos to such young talent!

  7. I like your explanation of the progression into drama. It sounds like me, even in some ways I’d underestimated. Ireland at 14. (Though my mom taught ESL so I knew a lot of Malaysian students when I was young enough to be really impressed if their name was Mai or Yuu.) I only followed TO music FROM drama and movies not vice versa. Japan first, korea second…. and here we all are.

  8. have you try to watch Indonesian movies yet? I reccomend you to watch “Lost in Love”, “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta”, “Ungu Violet”” 7 hati 7 cinta 7 wanita” . try to find the one that has English Subtitle. Also for Indonesian singer/Band, try listening to these “Agnes Monica”, “Peter Pan” “Afghan” and “Andra and the backbone – Sempurna”

  9. I too love foreign stuff. I’ve watched movies from all over the world. There’s something that attracts me about watching non-american stuff. I feel like I’m traveling or something.. silly me! I stumbled on Korean dramas too, and felled hard for them. Anyways, great blog!

      • It is hard to explain. T_T Pretty much, bloggers that have been tagged by another blogger will tag other new bloggers. O_O It is like an award that gets passed on to fellow bloggers…

        Uh here are the rules in case it helps T_T You can find it in my post too.

        1. List 11 random facts about yourself.
        2. Answer the questions designated by the blogger(s) who nominated you.
        3. Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them via comment/email, etc.
        4. Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.
        5. Display the Liebster award badge on your blog!

    • Okay! I’ll do it as soon as I have time and figure out who I want to nominate haha :D (I just started a night job so I got super busy.)

  10. You’ve been missing for a long time, what is going on? All good I hope?

    Btw, I update my blog URL. It is mymyooz.wordpress.com —> please unfollow and follow me back ^^

    • Aw thanks for worrying about me! :D
      It’s just that school started again and I’ve been busier because of it XD My social life is crazy right now, haha… but I’m still slowly working on a drama and a few movie articles. Hopefully I’ll get one up soon, haha.

      Okay! I’ll check that out :D

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