My Favorites


My Favorites:


New to Dramas?

I recommend starting with Secret Garden or You’re Beautiful for Korean dramas.

I recommend Nobuta wo Produce or Summer Snow for Japanese dramas.


My Favorites

Here’s a list of what I personally think are the best dramas to watch. Keep in mind that I love romantic comedies the most, haha.


  • Mars
  • Devil Beside You
  • Hi, My Sweetheart

Classic Dramas:

Classics are must-see… not necessarily the best, but they’re ones you should watch because they’ve been famous for years (for the sake of time & space, no recent ones will be listed under Classics).
  • 1 Litre of Tears
  • Goong (Princess Hours)
  • Full House
  • My Lovely Sam-Soon
  • A Love to Kill
  • Winter Sonata
  • Meteor Garden
  • Stairway to Heaven


Least Favorite Dramas:

Just so you can get an idea of my tastes. Rating is in parenthesis.
Remember… this is just my personal opinion!  (I hope nobody gets offended, heh).

  • 18 vs 29 (4/10) – I hated the acting, story, and everything about it.
  • Playful Kiss (6/10) – I hated how the girl disrespected herself by liking such a cold jerk.
  • Corner With Love (6/10) – Too slow & horribly frustrating and stressful at the end.
  • Heartstrings (6.5/10) – Childishly cheesy… I just kept making fun of it. Sorry!

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