Rolling Love Taiwanese Drama Review

Rolling Love

Taiwanese Drama

My Score: 7.5/10


Lead Actors: Jiro Wang Danson Tang Genie Chuo

Episodes: 12

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama/Food

Summary: Michelin owns a small restaurant in a little seaside town. People line up and fight for the 100 servings of fried rice he makes each day because it’s so good. However, Egg Fried Rice is the only things he can make.

One day, he runs into a blind girl named Xiao Shu and develops a crush on her. However, a guy from her past, the famous chef Leng Lie, is pursuing her as well.

Xiao Shu has a scar, though. She lost her sight in an accident two years ago. Leng Lie, who was driving at the time, blames himself, so she can’t tell if he really loves her or just feels the need to take responsibility.
It will probably be difficult for either of them to win her heart.

Review: This drama is cute and pretty easy-going with humor and a dash of drama . Most of the drama happens in the 11th episode, but even then it’s not as frustrating or heavy as most other series out there. There’s hardly any conflict so it wasn’t stressful to watch. I wasn’t captivated by it, but I was never bored.  The pacing felt natural and they didn’t overuse any of the plots.

As for acting, I think this was a perfect role for Jiro. His character, Michelin was sweet and warm. Danson was really good as Leng Lie as well. Actually, though I’m a big fan of Jiro, Danson’s acting was the best in this series. His character is more subdued, but he really does well with the little emotions here and there that would be hard to pull off right with a character like that.
The acting for most characters was pretty cutesy at times, but I feel that was just the style of the drama.

One of the things I really liked about this drama was the way the love rivals were friendly and nice to each other. Even though they both knew the other liked the same girl, their friendship kept growing. By the end of the drama they were close friends. I found it really refreshing and sweet.

The love triangle was done pretty well. I only got frustrated with the female lead, Xiao Shu, a few times. At first I thought she didn’t like Leng Lie, then I was sure she liked Michelin, but then I thought she liked Leng Lie more. I think it’s because she was such good friends with both of them that it was impossible to tell who she really liked romantically.

Warning: There were some actors that had painted black faces to pretend to be another race in episode 2, but it wasn’t stereotypical or making fun of any particular race so I don’t think many people would find it offensive. It was when one of the characters found an island tribe on a sea journey. However, if you’re overly sensitive to things like that, then you’ve been warned.

There was also a comment made about a type of maid that may be considered racist; “What am I, a Filipino maid?”. But that comment was probably said because it’s something common in Chinese countries. [source]

But beyond episode 2, there was nothing like that whatsoever.


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