I’m A Flower Too: Korean Drama

main guy’s personality is awesome. refreshing to see a rich guy character that’s not a spoiled arrogant jerk. he’s kind of clutzy in an endearing way sometimes, and i like his attitude. main girl is tough. kikwang was a nice surprise. get bored with police stuff… not really my thing. i like the humor. there…

Strange Things In KDramas

Main characters talking loudly about secret things, but people around them don’t hear it. Ordering food, but leaving before eating a bite of it Shaving non-existant facial hair Car not slowing down when person is in middle of road and there is no other traffic. Front door is closed. They leave it open after a…

Favorite Drama Characters

Natsuo – Summer Snow Moon Jae Shin – Sungkyunkwan Scandal Kim Sam Soon – My Name is Kim Sam Soon Jeremy – You’re Beautiful Song Sam Dong – Dream High Tae-poong – Let’s Go To The Beach

Background OTPs

Sometimes, the background, or supporting, characters will pair up as a couple. Though they weren’t the main focus of the drama, you couldn’t help but ship them. Here are my favorites: Jason + Pil-Sook (Dream High) Go Eun Sae + Hwang Min Yeop (Coffee Prince)Just go to him… he loves you! Goo Mi Mo + Nam Woo Hyun (The…

July 2014 – New Korean Music

Since I got so behind with vacations and such, I made a post where I left off in July. This is much larger than the weekly posts… I don’t know if that’s better or worse, haha. There are lots of great songs though, so check it out!

13 July, 2014: New Korean Music List

Make sure you check out this week~ There were some really nice releases. G.O.D put out two more MVs… Z.Hera came back as well. There were no rock releases and few hip hop, but enough in the Kpop and indie categories if you’re into that.