Page Contents:

  1. Rating System
  2. Where to Watch/Soft Sub help

How things are rated:

5 Star system is also in place to even things out.

10 Perfection
8-9 Really good, not a waste of time, must-see.
6-7 Average
5 You can probably pass on this without missing much.
4 & Under Probably a waste of your time, avoid it.
5 Star system is also in place to even things out.

This is based off of my own tastes… you may or may not agree with the ratings I give certain dramas. So you can take your chance with anything rated 6 or over. I rate according to my own feelings, so ratings can vary.It has to be pretty bad to be given a 5 or less though, haha, so I can’t recommend you doubting me there >3<;;

Where to Watch:

Okay so you really want to watch a drama but you don’t know where!


My favorite place is DramaCrazy. Why? Because they stream a lot of dramas and if one of the streaming links don’t work, they usually have another one available right under the screen!

However, DramaCrazy doesn’t have every drama on their site. If you’re looking for one that isn’t there, you can either add it yourself, or you can go searching on GoodDrama or  :D

If you want to watch dramas from your TV, Neflix has a few Kdramas & Asian films.
If you want to watch from your iPod, there’s a free app called “Kdrama” on iTunes.


If you can’t find a specific title at any of those streaming sites, you’ll just have to either wait, or download it. Most download sites involve torrents.

Now, if you’re new to torrents, the first thing you’ll have to do is download the torrent client. The one I’ve used in the past is BitTorrent. Download that and get it installed on your computer first.

Then you can go to d-addicts and download a torrent for the drama you want to watch. Usually there’s a few to choose from. Make sure you pick one that has subtitles in your language…. Sometimes they have it so you download the video without subtitles, and then download “soft subs”* separately.

Anyway, you download the torrent for the drama you want from d-addicts, open BitTorrent, and open the torrent in BitTorrent.

Then you wait until the video is downloaded & play it on your computer! :D

*For soft subs, just download the sub file separately and then make sure the sub files are saved in the same folder the video is. The files should be named the exact same thing, and the subs should play automatically when you click on the video file. (If it doesn’t work, download and use this media player: VLC Media Player.)

Softsubs (srt file) named after the video file; will automatically play when placed in same folder.



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