Ma Boy: Korean Drama Review

Ma Boy

Korean Drama

My Score: 7.5/10


Lead Actors: Kim So Hyun Sun-woong Minhoo

Episodes: 3

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Teen

Summary:  A girl enrolls into an idol music school.
She soon finds out that her new room mate is actually a boy disguised as a girl!

Review: This is a cute, short, drama.

It was one of the most manga-esque Korean dramas I’ve seen yet. It was funny, cute, simple and fun to watch.
Because it was so short, there wasn’t too much conflict, which I thought was refreshing.
Even when it was predictable, it was still enjoyable because of the unique plot.

The leads were very cute in the way they acted and looked.

The male lead, Sun-woong, is from the Kpop group Touch. He was pretty good at acting more feminine and delicate when he had to dress up as a girl, haha.

The female lead, Kim So Hyun who was previously a villain character in Rooftop Prince, was optimistic and didn’t hold grudges. She was cute, but seemed like she had a down-to-earth personality.

I think the main leads had enough chemistry for the age group this seemed marketed to, (teens/pre-teens).

I really liked the “rival”, which was a famous idol in the school. Played by Minhoo from the Kpop group Excite, he was funny and simple-minded… kind of Tamaki-like if you’ve seen Host Club. Though he was arrogant, he was still kind.

I just didn’t really understand why the boy was dressing as a girl, haha. Was it to get him more experience for when he debuted as himself? It wasn’t clear enough for me.

Overall, it was enjoyable and I’d watch it again. I really loved the characters and plot.
However, I can’t give it an 8 because it was a bit predictable and cliche at times.


5 thoughts on “Ma Boy: Korean Drama Review

  1. I loved it! Short and sweet. Not sure why he kept up the facade but quite sure it was at his uncle’s insistence. This easily could have been longer and still enjoyable

  2. hi! this drama was too cute >.<

    i think he cross-dressed as a girl because the company was in debt and they needed a pretty girl for promotions but there was no body as pretty as the original one except for hyun woo. :P

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