Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Japanese Drama

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge/The Wallflower/Perfect Girl Evolution

My Score: 7.5/10


Lead Actors: Kamenashi Kazuya  Oomasa Aya  Tegoshi Yuya Uchi Hiroki Shuntaro Miyao

Episodes: 10

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama

Summary: Four guys are living in a giant house. They get a notice from the landlady telling them that if they want to stay there rent-free, they have to turn her niece into a perfect lady. The problem is, her niece is a creepy, anti-social girl who loves horror-themed things more than anything.

Review: I have to admit, this drama was good. However things weren’t as extreme as in the manga (for example, Sunako attempting to stab Kyohei with scissors as he lay sick in bed because he was too radiant).  Sunako was toned down and seemed cuter in this drama version. I think the relationship between Kyohei and Sunako was slightly different as well… in my opinion, they really felt like a perfect match in the manga, but in the drama, I felt less chemistry.

But the drama was interesting and entertaining anyway. They often used different story-lines and mixed around the original ones so I didn’t get bored like I did with the Host Club drama. And actually, I kind of like the drama more than the manga because the manga is just endless. Even after 28 volumes, there’s still no type of any resolution to be seen. Though the romantic sub-plot is slightly lacking in the drama, it’s even less in the manga. Compared to the manga, some of the dramatic scenes were more serious, but this drama is still pretty easy-going and not stressful to watch. It was funny and entertaining to watch.

The acting was decent for a comedy, though I don’t think Kamenashi Kazuya would’ve been my choice for the role… yeah, he’s a pretty good actor, but a part of me feels like they picked him just because he’s so popular. He was already the lead in Nobuta wo Produce which is arguably similar to this storyline, and I don’t know,  he just gives me a different vibe than the manga character did… I had to keep reminding myself “This is Kyohei from the manga”, haha. Anyway, I liked how the other characters were portrayed, (though Toyama was a bit more cutesy in the drama, just like Sunako).

So yeah, for me, I prefer the characters in the manga more than the drama, but the story-line in the drama is better than the manga.

My Score: 7.5/10


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