Secret Garden Korean Drama

Secret Garden

My Score: 9/10


Lead Actors: Hyun Bin Ha Ji Won Yoon Sang Hyun Kim Sa Rang

Episodes: 20

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama/Fantasy

Summary:  A rich and powerful man meets a poor stunt-woman. They both have very different ideals, but he finds himself attracted to her… which leaves him confused and flustered, and her very annoyed. Suddenly, due to magical circumstances, they switch bodies!

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Review: I remember when I first heard the concept for this drama and I was very interested. However, I assumed it was going to be a more childish, maybe teen, drama. I’m happy I was wrong. Not only did I get a drama with one of my favorite concepts, but I got one with more depth to it than I was expecting.

First, not only is the acting superb, (the tragic scenes were beautifully heart-wrenching), but the characters are well-designed as well. They’re flawed perfectly to make them seem real. I feel like the writer really cared about their characters while writing this.

The story is also really interesting. It’s rare to find a body swap drama as it is, but it’s amazing to find one that’s done so well. It could have ended up as just a shallow, silly, comedy, but it was so much more. There’s mystery about  Kim Joo Won (the rich guy)’s past and delves into the reason why he has the flaws he has. Also, the dramatic situations were actually something to be serious about.

It was a bit annoying at how the guy treated the girl, but you could tell it was just part of his character. I still enjoyed it apart from his over-the-top arrogance at times.

My Score: 9/10


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