Chilling Romance Korean Movie Review

Chilling Romance (Spellbound)

Korean Film (2011) Director: Hwang In-Ho
Genre: RomCom/Drama/Supernatural My Score: 9/10 ★★★★★
Summary: A street magician, used to making people laugh, sees a gloomy woman in the audience one day. Because she won’t laugh, he feels compelled to know her and they become a team. His magic acts take on a whole new feeling and becomes insanely popular.However, the woman leads an isolated life. Concerned, the guy continues to reach out to her, until one day, he discovers that ghosts are attracted to her.
Cast:  Son Ye-Jin and Lee Min-Ki



Review: This was a really good movie. It was a perfect romantic-comedy, and avoided a “seen-before” kind of feeling by using the unique horror/supernatural genre.

It drew me in right away. First, with the cute illustrations and interesting intro, and then with the epic horror magic show. Eventually I couldn’t stop watching because of everything else.

Lee Min-Ki was too adorable in this. He’s been in the drama “Shut Up Flower Boy Band”, but I’ve only seen him in the MV for Nell’s “The Day Before”. I didn’t expect him to be so natural and charming! I liked the little details the director used to show his feelings.

Son Ye-Jin, who’s been in the drama “Personal Taste”, was also really good here. She had a crying scene that was done well.

The drama itself was just so cute and funny.
It did have some suspense, sad parts, and scary images, but overall, I felt like giggling from the adorable feelings I got in the romance scenes. The main leads had great chemistry. I think the genres were balanced perfectly.
One of my favorite scenes is when they were both scared, looking for a ghost in the dark house, but got distracted and stopped to have a cute and normal conversation before acting scared and sneaking around again.

Normally I don’t like story-lines where one of the leads is already dating someone and ends up cheating. It did bother me for awhile thinking that the guy already had a girlfriend. However, it was soon made clear that his relationship with his girlfriend was not really genuine. If he ever really did love her, by the time he fell in love with Ye-Jin, the relationship with his girlfriend was already pretty much over. She had been in France for quite some time and hardly seemed to care when she found out he liked someone else.

The ending felt somewhat rushed, but still ended with a really good scene.
The bonus ending credits was pretty funny and fore-shadowed a possible solution to their problem.

I highly recommend this movie.


4 thoughts on “Chilling Romance Korean Movie Review

  1. This was a great movie! I was a fan of Lee Min Ki because I loved his cameo in SUFBB, but now I am a certified fan after this movie! If you have not watched this, beware, make sure the lights are on! Its fun but there are some serious scary, jumpy moments!!

  2. And can anyone tell me what the brother was saying at the end to the ghost!? That part was not subbed and I am dying to know what he was doing! Look like he trying pick her up!! Very funny!

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