Summer Snow Drama Review

Summer Snow

My Score: 9/10


Lead Actors: Domoto Tsuyoshi Hirosue Ryoko Imai Tsubasa Ikewaki Chizuru Oguri Shun 

Episodes: 11

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Summary: This drama revolves around a family. Natsuo has been forced to raise his brother, Jun, and sister, Chika, after their parents died in a car accident a few years ago. Natsuo meets a girl named Yuki and they fall in love.  They make a pact to see fabled “Summer Snow” together while diving underwater… which is Natsuo’s hobby. Yuki has a heart problem, which means diving isn’t good for her health, but Natsuo doesn’t know it.

Review: This is the first drama I’ve ever seen, and luckily it was a good one. It does a great job mixing drama and comedy together… plus there’s almost always a cliff-hanger at the end of each episode, so it really grips the watcher’s attention.

The characters are real and have a “pure” feeling to them. The scenes between Yuki and Natsuo seem really innocent and sweet.

It will make you laugh and cry.

This is a must-see drama.

(Oh, and for trivia, the drama is based on the main character’s names. In Japanese, Natsuo means  summer and Yuki means snow).

Things I Didn’t Like: Yuki’s logic… (this isn’t really a spoiler so don’t worry) I guess if a doctor is going to operate on you it means you’ll probably have to marry them if they want you to? Haha.

My Score: 9/10


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