Nobuta wo Produce Japanese Drama Review

Nobuta wo Produce

My Score: 8.5/10


Lead Actors: Kamenashi Kazuya Yamashita Tomohisa Horikita Maki Toda Erika

Episodes: 10

Genre: Comedy/Coming-of-Age/School life

Summary: Shuji is popular and acts like a people-person, but is actually secretly cynical and treats everything like a game just to survive in life. He can get along anybody except Akira. Akira is a bit strange – the way he walks and talks is to his own liking – but deep down he’s very honorable.

Things suddenly change for Shuji when a new girl, Nobuko, shows up. Tired of seeing her getting picked on for her anti-social looks and awkward personality, Shuji and Akira team up with her secretly to “produce” her and make her popular!

Review: Well, it’s hard to go wrong when you get a cast like this together! Yamapi and Kame are popular for a reason, as well as Maki and Erika.

Besides good actors, the characters they portray are lovable. According to interviews, Yamapi molded Akira into what he is, and this resulted in one of the most original drama characters I’ve personally seen. It’s really fun to watch how these characters grow and learn why they are the way they.

The story-lines in the drama were fun too. Each episode was different and highly entertaining. Though a few of the mysteries were predictable, it didn’t get boring.

This is a highly recommended drama.

Things I Didn’t Like: Even though the ending was strange to me… thinking about it… it did fit and work out. So I don’t really have any complaints about this drama.

My Score: 8.5/10


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