Reply 1997 Korean Drama Review

Reply 1997/Answer 1997

Korean Drama

My Score: 9/10


Lead Actors: Jung Eun Ji Seo In Guk  Song Jong Ho Shin So Yool Hoya Lee Shi Un Eun Ji Won

Episodes: 16

Genre: Friendship, Romance, Comedy, Coming-of-Age, Drama, Intrigue, Family

Summary: A nostalgic drama. A 33-year-old woman looks back at her 18-year-old self, who was obsessed with Kpop group H.O.T. and her bias Tony. But that’s not all this drama is about. It’s also about her friends and 1997 teen life in general. There’s also romance~

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Review: This drama got so popular when it was airing… not only among the average drama-fans, but even celebrities would talk about how much they liked it.

I think the reason is because it had a refreshing feel to it. It didn’t feel like a typical overly-cliched drama. Plus, it added in a huge mystery. We knew the main character was married at her class reunion, but we didn’t find out who she was married to until the last episode.

The love triangle mystery was done very well. Just when we thought they gave us a big hint, they’d even it out by adding another favor for the other love interest.

Another unique aspect about this drama are all the inside jokes. For example, they kept saying Eun Ji-won’s character looked like Eun Ji-won.

Like many, I wasn’t expecting this drama to be so good. I mean, the majority of actors were idols; Hoya from Infinite, Eun-ji from A-Pink and solo singer Seo In-guk. Eun Ji-won was from SechsSkies, (and is now involved with Clover).
While Seo In-guk and Eun Ji-won both have a little bit of prior acting experience, this was a first for the others.
They’re just natural actors!

I felt a lot of nostalgia from this drama right away. It seems that the 90’s in Korea shared a lot of things the 90’s in America had.
Even though it was probably created with people in their mid-20’s to mid-30’s in mind, people of every age would enjoy it. So many people involved with fan-culture can relate to many of the scenes and since half the drama was set in high-school, it felt pretty youthful.
As for me, being 26 next month, I could relate to the nostalgia and really appreciated the ending speech in the last episode.

As for the characters, the main girl Shi-won… was pretty violent and selfish. As her character developed she grew out of the selfishness quite a bit, but stayed violent. Even so, there was something likable about her. I think it’s because she seemed mature and innocent at the same time.

The brothers were really good and attractive people. Though the age difference between the older brother and Shi Won was a little shocking to my sister and I.

It was also really nice how they included a serious homosexual character to this drama, which we don’t often see. Yes, they avoided some things, like showing him in a relationship with a boyfriend, but for the most part, his character didn’t come across as stereotypical or comical like some series or movies do. He was treated as a real person and I liked that.

Warning: There were some sexual jokes scattered around. Nothing too bad of course, but probably kind of awkward if watching with a family member sometimes, haha.


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