Protect the Boss Drama

Protect the Boss Drama

My Score: 9/10


Lead Actors: Choi Kang Hee  Ji Sung  Hero Jaejoong Wang Ji Hye 

Episodes: 18

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama

Summary: No Eun Seol has lived the life of a thug… though she’s tried to start over by resisting her violent urges, she fails and ends up fighting in front of Ji Heon, the immature heir to a rich family.

Ji Heon is difficult to work with and his secretaries never last long. His father is also known as a thug and takes a shine to No Eun Seol. She’s hired as Ji Heon’s secretary… but ends up changing his life by teaching him how to deal with his agoraphobia.

…Doesn’t have a good relationship with his dad.

Review: What stands out about this drama is how unique the characters are. They take stereotypical drama situations and change how the characters would normally react to them.

No Eun Seol is probably one of the strongest and mature female characters I’ve come across in a long time. I just loved seeing how she’d handle different things that female leads usually just cry about or simply endure… No Eun Seol would literally fight for herself.

Ji Heon was very lovable. My husband didn’t like him at first, but towards the last half, Ji Heon had matured a bit more and was more acceptable to him. Unlike most dramas, Ji Heon starts falling for the female lead right away, (interestingly, in most Korean dramas the male lead usually doesn’t really show too much interest in the female lead until around the 8th episode), so that was a welcome change.

Jaejoong was good as the rival love interest, Cha Moo Won. He was the more mature option of the two guys and he played it well. It was also nice that they show-cased his amazing singing talents in this drama, (he was formally in the kpop group DBSK/TVXQ and is now in the group JYJ). He sang one of the main theme songs and there was even a reasonably long karaoke scene for him.

Female rival, Seo Na Yoon, was just adorable. Usually everybody hates that character; the one that tries to steal the main guy and just makes the lead miserable. Well, Seo Na Yoon was almost as popular as No Eun Seol. Her character was a bit dorky, clumsy, but pretty. Instead of being a rich snob like her mother, Seo Na Yoon was just purposely comical, which was endearing.

Definitely one of my favorite dramas.

My Score: 9/10


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