Baekhyun and Taeyeon are Dating and Things Are Hilarious

baekhyun and taeyeon dating

Everything from fan rage, conspiracy theories, and an abundance of jokes!

Apparently, SM Entertainment announced they were allowing the girls of SNSD to date, and three of them already have boyfriends right now. The fans didn’t show too much hate as far as I can tell, and so, now would be a good time for Taeyeon to get her courage up and let her guard down in public, right?

byuntae couple kissing

Well, a few days ago, a photo of Taeyeon kissing EXO’s Baekhyun in a car surfaced. It turns out they have been dating for almost 5 months now.

The internet took it as well as possible, of course.

On the Korean side, netizens found a “secret” message Taeyeon had sent to Baekhyun with Oreo cookies (in which Baek means “white” in Chinese and “hyun” means black). The photo was captioned with “Also today, with no fail, I’m going crazy because of you #oreo”. And Baekhyun’s birthday cake also had Oreos on it.

…so they promptly took photos of smashed Oreo cookies.

taeyeon baekhyun oreo


taeyeon baekhyun oreo smashing

200,000 fans also left the EXO fan cafe, reducing it from #3 to #9. (While most blame it on the dating scandal, it seems EXO’s fan cafe has been in decline steadily for awhile now).

baekhyun bar scandal

Digging up old dirt on Baekhyun, such as pre-debut photos of him looking totally out of, underage, in a bar, (among every other little mistake he’s ever made).

Not to mention an explosion of fan entitlement… you know… thinking fans (themselves) should be more important than any other person in the idol’s life. And they’re literally saying this; it’s not just an observation on attitude. For example, after pointing out the “betrayal” one fan said this:

Moon Hee Jun once said: through the hardest times the people who got me through were my fans and my family. My girlfriend told me to choose between her and my fans. I chose my fans.

fan entitlement kpop

Though it is hugely attitude too. Such as criticizing Taeyeon for having negative feelings about fans finding and following her Instagram. She gave up and later announced she made it to communicate with fans, so they got angry when she was using it to communicate with Baekhyun through code on it. Also, being outraged that the two of them were getting “secret thrills” in their hidden romance, and feeling betrayed when realizing Taeyeon and Baekhyun were actually talking to each other instead of fans when saying things like, “This is only the beginning!” in public, (I guess romantic things like this between famous people are only okay in dramas).

taeyeon scandal

[Credit “SNSD Memes” on FB]

And in extreme cases, posting photos of self-harm surrounded by scribbled, blacked-out, photos of Baekhyun.

So you know, typical, mature behavior of people settled deep down in reality.

While Korean fans are typically more extreme, there are still international fans who are freaking out as well.
And there’s always the conspiracy theorists out there on both sides, though they typically don’t get too involved with the hate.


Though it seems like most of the international fans are either crying over their sunken ship of Baekyeol and Taeny, or taking the opportunity to make jokes.

The best joke of all came from the Korean company of DUREX, which had a laugh at the (ex) fans’ expense by announcing that they support the couple. A bit later, they removed the tweet; pretending they didn’t realize how it would sound coming from a condom company.


durex taeyeon baekhyun condom

Probably the 2nd biggest joke is the couple’s fan name, “Byuntae”… which means “pervert” in Korean.

The majority of fan jokes are about the maturity difference between the couple (Baekhyun is a couple years younger, his image in EXO is on the childish side, and Taeyeon is considered his senior in the industry by a significant amount), and the fact that Baekhyun wasn’t the one driving in the leaked photos.(For reference, this is Kkaepsong. It’s a famous EXO catchphrase that refers to disappointment of the heart).

















After all this, I’m just hoping Chanyeol is secretly dating his bias, Dara from 2NE1!

For further reading, here is a cute article about Baekhyun x Taeyeon, and YoonA x Seung Gi.


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