Project Makeover Korean Movie

Project Makeover/Go Go Sister

My Score: 8/10


Director: Chang-rae Kim

Cast: Ko So-Young Jo An Lee Beom-Soo Yu Geon Kim Jung-Min Lee Jung-Mun

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Heartwarming

Summary: A woman hates her life. She thinks her life was ruined when she fell for the popular boy in high-school; he basically slept with her and dumped her. Now they’re both going on 30 years old and his life is a lot more glamorous than hers, which she feels is unfair. She gets a chance to go back in time to meet her past self and she’s determined to talk herself into making the right choice this time.

Review: This is a real feel-good movie. Yes, there will be some illogical things and all that, but it isn’t a scientific movie.

It has a really nice story and message. I think people of all ages would like it, but I think people in their 20’s and up would be able to appreciate it the most.

I really liked the twist on the love triangle. It was interesting to see herself try to convince herself to go for the quiet nerdy guy. Even though you know her future self likes him, you never know who the younger self will end up picking. It was also heartwarming to see how much the nerdy guy liked her.

This is just a nice little movie, maybe a little bit slow at times, but that’s fine for the age group this movie was intended for.

My Score: 7.5/10


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