Love Shuffle: Japanese Drama Review

love shuffle jdrama

Love Shuffle

Korean Drama (2009) Episodes: 10
Genre: Romance/Comedy My Score: 8.5/10 ★★★★☆
Summary: Having problems with their love lives, four couples decide to rotate partners to find out if there’s more to love and life than they first thought.
Lead Actors: Tamaki HiroshiKarinaMatsuda ShotaTanihara ShosukeDAIGOKanjiya ShihoriKojima Hijiri, and Yoshitaka Yuriko

Review: Don’t like the sound of this drama? Give it a try anyway. It’s a lot more than what it seems to be.

Also, if you’re learning Japanese, you might enjoy the puns. I’m sure they’d be a lot more amusing to people who can catch them without  all the translation help.

love shuffle 2

The very main characters out of the eight in this series.


During this “Love Shuffle” a group of people find they have things  to heal from, which are inhibiting, not only their romances, but their whole lives.  It also makes them re-evaluate everything they thought about love and themselves. I like plots like this that challenge conventional ideas and have a good message as well… and this drama has a lot of good messages.

As I was watching, I noticed that there was kind of dark undertone. Something was there, but I didn’t know what.  Like the characters in the show, this drama seems to have a fun/flippant attitude, with something deeper and more serious underneath. Most of them were playing and having fun with the Love Shuffle, but behind it all, there were deep problems that needed to be resolved. However, like in real life, the problems were difficult to see. It was mostly a feeling that things weren’t as okay as they seemed on the surface.

Some episodes may seem slow to some viewers, (so I’ve heard), but I found the series to be addicting. There’s a mature feeling to this whole drama. Things aren’t crazy, slapstick, and, fast-paced like other Japanese rom-com dramas tend to be, but if it was, it wouldn’t have been so good. Not only did the characters keep things interesting, but there was the ever-present mystery of who they all really liked. It’s like an ultimate love triangle plot.

The main source of humor in the drama, as I mentioned before, are all the puns. However, there were still some pretty funny scenes and situations, especially in the second half of the drama; unexpected things that actually made me laugh out loud. They were few in number, but really good. The comedy, romance, and intrigue were well-balanced.

love shuffle 3

Matsuda Shota being hot, haha.


Ah, mature characters. They’d all have to be mature to successfully participate in an idea like this. They’re all so mature about the situation that this drama ends up being just as much about friendship as it has to do with romance. You won’t find any petty fighting here.

I loved seeing the characters develop as they interacted and opened up to each other during each “shuffle” . For a drama with so many characters, the writer really did this well. It was  just a little frustrating to see some of the characters refusing to make the right decision, but for their situations, it was really understandable. I couldn’t hate any of them.

The acting pretty good for the genre. The actress who played the main girl, Ai-ai, was really pretty and good in her character, but she wasn’t very good at the majority of her sad scenes. In fact, it really detracted from them sometimes.

You must watch this if you’re a Matsuda Shota fan because he’s hot in this drama, haha.

love shuffle 4

I just liked this scene! XD


I almost want to give this a 9/10 because I liked it so much and it was pretty original. However, since the acting wasn’t always that great, and sometimes it had a vague corny feeling, I’m going to stick with an 8.5/10.

There’s a really good chance that anyone will like this drama. Even the people who complained about it being slow said while it wasn’t their favorite, it was worth watching. Give it a try!


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