Best Colorful Hair In Kpop


best colorful hair in kpopColorful hair reached a peak in popularity around 2012. It’s starting to calm down a bit, but can still be spotted here and there in Kpop.

Here are the ones that made me excited when I first saw them.

If you could dye your hair any color, which would you choose?

1. Ji Eun (Secret)

Teal with Purple Highlights
secret ji eun

2. Ji Eun (Secret)


ji eun green

3.NaRi (Wassup)

Light Green

nari wassup green hair

4.Lime (Hello Venus)



5. Bang Yong Guk (BAP)

Blonde with Red

bang yong guk red and blonde


6. JiYoon (4Minute)


jiyoon lavender

7. GDragon (Big Bang)

Candy Blue with Pink

gdragon blue and pink

8. Baro (B1A4)

Candy Pink with Blue

baro pink hair

9. Zelo (BAP)

Blonde and Blue

zelo blonde and blue

10. Junhyung (Beast)

Light Purple

junhyung lavender


11. Krystal (f(x))

Red with Purple Ombre 


krystal red and purple hair


3 thoughts on “Best Colorful Hair In Kpop

    • I like ig when it’s not every group and every person in each group doing it haha XD
      I’m thinking about dying mine light blue soon 8D

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