Sweet Room Japanese Drama

Sweet Room

My Score: 7.5/10 (hard to rate since they were all fairly different)


Lead Actors: Mukai Osamu Kaname Jun  Narimiya Hiroki Toyohara Kosuke

Episodes: 4 (each not more than 20 minutes long)

Genre: Romance/Drama/18+

Summary: A Keitai Drama, which means it was made for watching through cellphones only, though you can find it online now as well.

Each episode is separate from the others, but they all tell a romantic story that happens in a hotel room as told by men. The names of the episodes are “Triangle”, “Room Service”,  “Last Love”,  and “Birthday”.

Review: I’ll review each one in the order I would prefer to watch them:

Triangle – I can only describe this one as intense and a little gritty.

Room Service – Kind of slow, mature and classy. It’s the only one that doesn’t have a sex scene.

Last Love – It started out exciting and somewhat sensual, then took a turn towards bittersweet passion.

Birthday – This one was very sweet and adorable. It oozed romance and the feeling of true love.

So almost all of them had a sex scene… some lasted longer than others. It had some side and back nudity but didn’t show anything below the waist or any frontal female nudity. These scenes were pretty passionate, with lots of deep kissing.

I feel that this series was made with women in mind, though I know men could enjoy it too.
It just seemed to focus more on making the guys feel romantic than much about the women. If guys watched it, then they would probably do so to see a fantasy acted out, in my own opinion. (Haha, I’m not a guy, so don’t listen to me!)


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