Best Colorful Hair In Kpop

  Colorful hair reached a peak in popularity around 2012. It’s starting to calm down a bit, but can still be spotted here and there in Kpop. Here are the ones that made me excited when I first saw them. If you could dye your hair any color, which would you choose? Advertisements

G-Dragon’s Collaborates With Tablo and Nell!

It’s just been revealed that G-Dragon’s mini album will have collaborations with Tablo and Kim Jong Wan of Nell! Furthermore, his title track “Crayon” is a shortened version of “Crazy On” which is also a shortened version of “Crazy G-Dragon”. Obviously, he’s going to be going crazy for something in the song. Which track are…

Kingka of March: G-Dragon

  G-Dragon 지드래곤 Birthday: August 18, 1988 Zodiac: Leo Rapper Seen In: Big Bang Notes: Leader of Big Bang, he pretty much grew up in YG Entertainment. He’s known as a fashionista… he changes hairstyles pretty much every season.

Artist of the Week: Big Bang

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~ This week’s artist is… BigBang BigBang is one, if not the, most popular Korean boy bands right now… and they deserve it. It’s strange to even call them a “boy band” since they’re all…

Halloween Special

Well, since it’s Halloween, I thought I’d make a special post today :D First off, “scary” in Korean is 무섭다 (museobda). In Japanese it’s 怖い (kowai). I’ve been watching a lot of Asian horror films to get in the mood… but to be honest, none of them really seemed scary to me… haha…. I like them, but…