16 June, 2014: New Korean Music List

You’ll find this week’s edition to be better organized.

Cross Gene came back, as well as Apink and Tahiti. Beast released another song.
There was a handful of great rock music from Cherry Filter, THORNAPPLE, and Mooa, among others.
A few cute indie MVs from Park Hye Kyoung, and Joa Band.
Dynamice Duo, and STAZ OF MAN came back in Khiphop.

  • THORNAPPLE – 낯선 열대
  • Beast – Good Luck
  • Peterpan Complex – You Know I Love You (acoustic version)
  • Apink – Crystal
  • Lena Park – Double Kiss
  • Tahiti – Oppa You’re Mine
  • Bob Girls – No Way
  • San E & Raina – A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness
  • Boyfriend – Alarm
  • Cross Gene – [Amazing – Bad Lady]
  • 더 프렌즈 The Friends – I Love Korea Official (ft. FIESTAR)
  • Park Shin Hye – My Dear (ft. Junhyung)
  • B1A4 – GaNaDa Theme Song
  • YOUNHA & Kanto – All-Day‚ Everyday (DUNKIN Ver.)
  • Netmarble – 차구차구송
  • 분리수거 – 나만모르고
  • 분리수거 – 뻥차歌
  • Park Hye Kyoung – La La La World
  • Zitten – Sunflower
  • Paul Kim – Ex
  • Zan Zan – Chicken Feet
  • The Electric Eels – 술래잡기
  • Mapukiki – Shall We Hula?
  • Jang Eunho – Knock
  • Tony Shin – Hanna
  • Tony Shin – Where is Chai?
  • 민트 플러그 MINT PLUG – Mint Boy
  • YB – 왕관 쓴 바보 Special Clip
  • Joa Band – 내가 첫 번째였음 좋겠어
  • Cherry Filter – Andromeda
  • Mooa – Sonic Boom
  • Dynamic Duo – Summer Time
  • Reddy – Just Do It
  • Keystonez – Be Wild Rewind
  • Kimkid – If you were mine
  • 40 – Black (ft Swings)


THORNAPPLE – 낯선 열대 ↓↓↓
Category: Indie
I love that laugh before the shoegazing turns into more of a rock sound! It has a kind of eerie sound.
Someone posted the translation in the YouTube comments, if you want them.

Beast – Good Luck ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop
Another MV from Beast! Woot! I like the darker feeling in this one…
It’s super great how Yoseob starts the song off… he wasn’t featured as much in the last one. And there’s my bias Kikwang, looking amazing, haha. I like the catchiness to this one.

Peterpan Complex – You Know I Love You (acoustic version) ↓↓↓
Category: Indie
They came out with an acoustic of my favorite song! Awesome! It feels like there’s a different kind of emotion in each version.

Apink – Crystal ↓↓↓
I do like the sound of this song. The MV is just showcasing the group members.

Lena Park – Double Kiss ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop
Very jazzy and fun. “Groovy” pops into my head when I head this… it’ll make you want to dance!

Jun.K – No Love ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop
I became a Jun.K fan, (he’s from the group 2pm, by the way), when he came out with “Alive” and the melancholy and feels overtook me, haha. So I was looking forward to this. I don’t really like the intro… but the rest is pretty decent.
The MV is a little creepy with the doll, but overall, it’s nice and colorful, just like his previous Japanese release of “Love & Hate.”

Tahiti – Oppa You’re Mine ↓↓↓
This is a really creepy, yet aegyo-filled, MV… and I fully enjoyed that.
Tahiti is just as energetic as when they first debuted haha.

Bob Girls – No Way ↓↓↓
Apparently their self-proclaimed concept is to be a sexier version of Crayon Pop lol
Well, they are sexy~

San E & Raina – A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop/Hip Hop
Raina from girl group Orange Caramel teams up with rapper San E.
The first line of Raina’s chorus reminds me of Winter Wonderland, haha, so I feel confused everytime she starts it. The whole song is okay, but it’s not anywhere close to my favorite San E songs, (like “Story of Someone I Know“). They do work well together though.

Boyfriend – Alarm ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop
No story in this MV, but it was filmed in Chicago.
Personally, I wish there was an MV for 여우야, but I think Alarm fit the atmosphere of this MV better.

Cross Gene – [Amazing – Bad Lady] ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop
Wow look, they’re finally back! I haven’t heard from them since they decided to debut in Japan.
The song isn’t even a full 3 minutes long though… hmmm.

더 프렌즈 The Friends – I Love Korea Official (ft. FIESTAR)  ↓↓↓
Category: Cheer Song
Sounds inspirational. This was filmed for the World Cup.

Park Shin Hye – My Dear (ft. Junhyung) ↓↓↓
Category: Kpop
Most of you will recognize that Park Shin Hye is a famous actress… so I view this song as a kind of fan service.
Her voice is really sweet.

B1A4 – GaNaDa Theme Song ↓↓↓
Category: Promo
These boys have so much natural aegyo… I think they’re one of the very few Kpop boy groups that could pull this off lol

YOUNHA & Kanto – All-Day‚ Everyday (DUNKIN Ver.) ↓↓↓
Category: Promo
I love Younha‘s voice… and she’s similar to IU in that she was a real musician before Kpop caught her… and she almost makes this Dunkin Donut ad worth listening to. Almost.

Netmarble – 차구차구송 ↓↓↓
Game Promo
Energetic, childish, music haha.

분리수거 – 나만모르고 ↓↓↓
Category: Indie
This group has some really nice sounding songs!  The beat is catchy and fun, though apparently the lyrics aren’t all so happy.

분리수거 – 뻥차歌 ↓↓↓
Actual song starts around 1:40.
This song is fun and they combine some traditional sound with it!

Park Hye Kyoung – La La La World ↓↓↓
Harmonica and clear female vocals. Has a kind of sweet country feeling.

Zitten – Sunflower ↓↓↓
The most interesting thing about this is the story in the MV.
The song is slower and wistful, with some nice ballad-esque moments in the vocals.

Paul Kim – Ex ↓↓↓
This song is pretty bouncy for the most part, though it also has some kind of subdued ballad feeling at times too.

Zan Zan – Chicken Feet ↓↓↓
Category: Ballad
Wow, nice vocals.

The Electric Eels – 술래잡기 ↓↓↓
Category: Indie Rock
Laid-back. Somewhat soothing, thought the lead vocalist has a slightly whiny voice. I still enjoyed it though.

Mapukiki – Shall We Hula? ↓↓↓
Category: Hula
Relaxing island sound, of course.

Jang Eunho – Knock ↓↓↓
Subdued and relaxing. There’s a little story to go with the MV, narrated in the side margin. There’s also a kind of joke news reel at the bottom.

Tony Shin – Hanna ↓↓↓
Category: Bossa Nova
Tony Shin is going for a tourist theme, and his two MVs reflect that well.

Tony Shin – Where is Chai? ↓↓↓
Category: Bossa Nova

민트 플러그 MINT PLUG – Mint Boy ↓↓↓
The link will take you to FaceBook video, so you’ll probably need an account to view it. The MV is very simple.
The song is relaxing.

YB – 왕관 쓴 바보 Special Clip ↓↓↓
Not much to the MV, but the song is great!

Joa Band – 내가 첫 번째였음 좋겠어 ↓↓↓
Category: Soft Rock
Light, happy-sounding music. The MV is fun and whimsical. (My favorite is the catapillars at 1:39.)

Cherry Filter – Andromeda ↓↓↓
Category: Rock
Youjeen’s female vocals are very distinct.
The MV is pretty fun and interesting, though pretty strange.

Mooa – Sonic Boom ↓↓↓
Catchy beat and darker vocals. Sounds great!

Category: Rap
OMG Staz of Man is back… I can’t believe I didn’t notice!
This crew is a lot of fun… the rappers in it have characters, and they go beyond just making music… they have fun with visual art as well.

Dynamic Duo – Summer Time ↓↓↓
Category: Hip Hop
Dang, Dynamic Duo is just so awesome! I love their style!
The MV has a fun feeling.

Category: Rap
C Jamm, Nochang, Vasco, and Swings get together for this one.
Love this song, and not just because of the frog in the beginning.
I really like the look on their faces and gestures while they rap/sing. It just has an overall natural feel.

Reddy – Just Do It ↓↓↓
Category: Rap
Nice rhythm. The MV is pretty simple.

Keystonez – Be Wild Rewind ↓↓↓
Category: Hip Hop
Fun and easy-going.

Kimkid – If you were mine ↓↓↓
 Hip Hop
Kimkid is from the crew 88kids.
Anyway, kind of a more “artsy” MV. Kimkid wrote the lyrics and it’s about unrequited love and the target is a man. In the MV, it appears that he’s being the girl’s voice.

40 – Black (ft Swings) ↓↓↓
40 and Swings sound really good together.
The song is the sensual type.




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