Artist of the Week: 4Minute

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…


Apparently, the name “4Minute” simply stands for “Living 4 Every Minute” or “Show You the Best in 4 Minutes”. Originally, their style was reportedly called “The Candy Funky Style”… and this refers not only to their clothes, but their style of music and dance as well. This means they’re sweet, but rebellious. Personally, I do think their music reflects that concept.

Something interesting about this group is before their debut, Jiyoon always wore sunglasses during promotions. When it finally came time to perform, she took them off, which caused a lot of interest.

This group was created by Cube Entertainment, just like B2ST. As you might remember from that article, Cube likes to use kids that had trained hard in another company, but were ultimately rejected.

HyunA was a part of Wonder Girls for awhile, but left due to health reasons. Cube snatched her up, and it’s actually been said that 4Minute was made to be “HyunA’s group”. This isn’t surprising since HyunA was already well-known.

HyunA in Wonder Girls... 2nd from the right.

Sohyun was a part of Orange back when she was 12. That group was disbanded because of so many anti-fans. (Probably because they were so young. People tend to overly criticize young idol groups.)

Remembering about Orange

HyunA is the only member of 4Minute, so far, that has a solo career as well. In 2010, she released “Change”, then “Outlaw in the Wild”, and in 2011, she released “Bubble Pop”. Two of those videos created a controversy over their sexualization.  Recently, she teamed up with Hyunseung  from B2ST to form the unit “TroubleMaker”.


There are rumors of another unit coming that will have Gayoon and Jiyoon in it. Even with these units and solos, 4Minute is still officially together and will perform with each other when the company sees fit.

Next sub-unit?


Leader, Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual
January 9, 1990

Main Vocalist
May 18, 1990

Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper
October 15, 1990

Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Visual
June 6, 1992

Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
August 30, 1994



4 thoughts on “Artist of the Week: 4Minute

  1. I do like 4Minute only because of Jiyoon and Sohyun. They promoted rebelious type of music which is totally different from other “sweet” girl bands. And i really can’t understand why the label put Hyuna into everything – variety shows, solo career… Everything. From all her “solo” projects I only like Trouble Maker, mostly because of BEAST member :D

    • I like Hyuna, but I agree that they focus too much on her. I heard that when the group was being formed, it was referred to as “Hyuna’s group”.
      It’s probably because she was well-known already through the Wonder Girls so they figured they’d market 4minute through that.

      Have you seen GLAM’s new MV? They’re another non-cutesy girl group that just came out :D

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