Artist of the Week: B1A4

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This week’s artist is…


As I write this, B1A4 hasn’t been around very long. It’s only been 6 months since they debuted… but I can tell they have a lot of potential. Why? Because they each stand out in their own group with their individual charms, and when you put them together they stand out in the entertainment industry. Plus they’re already learning  to write their own music.

B1A4 debuted with a very interesting concept. First of all, their name; it was kind of strange and not easy to remember… it takes awhile to stick, but once it does, it’s hard to forget. Their name stands for either “Be the One, All For One”, or it symbolizes the different blood types of each member. There’s one B blood type and four A blood types, (Baro is the B type). A lot of people criticized that around the web when they debuted, but I don’t really hear anything about that now, haha.

Their concept was “manhwa” (manga) characters. Very interesting indeed~ They even had a mini comic as a promotional item!

Though they don’t really focus on dance, (they’re decent, but most of the time they just bounce around doing their own thing with slight choreography), their vocals are good for a group that just debuted. Along with their vocal potential, their charming friendly and real personalities will really make them successful if their company does things right.

As of now, they’re scheduled to debut over in Japan soon. (Personally, I don’t like it. I hope they don’t stay too long over there and lose popularity in Korea… or get over-worked).

Members include:

Jinyoung: Leader/Vocal
Birthday: November 18, 1991

Sandeul: Main Vocal
Birthday: March 20, 1992

Baro: Main Rapper
Birthday: September 5, 1992

CNU: Vocal/Rapper
Birthday: June 16, 1991

Gongchan: Vocal/Maknae
Birthday: August 14, 1993


They all seem pretty innocent and cute, but at the same time mature and responsible. Could this be because of their country-side upbringing?


Website | FaceBook

Instagram | Video Translations

Check out their show MTV Match-Up (Recorded when they had just debuted. Block B filmed opposite of them.)
They were also a part of Hello Baby (They took care of two small children together.)
Q&A GURUPOP Interview


  • Baro’s cute front teeth remind fans of a hamster, and so some fans refer to him as “Ham-baro”.
  • Their official dance is the “Sprout Dance,” or “saessakchum” (새싹춤).


Since they’ve only been around half a year, there’s not many music videos to choose from… but what they do have out is really good.

Here’s their debut song; extremely catchy!


Then here’s a softer song.


And Beautiful Target, which is weird but really fun.


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