Artist of the Week: f(x)

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This week’s artist is…


The pronunciation of this girl group is “effects”, and it stands for the way “x” can stand for many outcomes in math. The band is similar to the “x”.

It’s a multi-race group; Amber is Taiwanese-American, Krystal is Korean-American and Victoria is Chinese.

f(x) stands out for their funky fashion, fairly unique music, and of course, Amber.

Amber is a Taiwanese-American tomboy rapper. Most people who aren’t familiar with the group assume she’s a boy at first. SM Entertainment seems to embrace this as they went so far as to put her in a male hanbok for 2009 Chuseok (an important autumn holiday in Korea).

In 2010, there was an uproar among fans when Amber went on hiatus for a hurt ankle. She was gone for about 6 months, and during that time, the rest of the group went on promoting without her. SM Entertainment has been known to silently kick out members of their music groups without notice in the past, so many fans started worrying that Amber would not be coming back. In every article about f(x), the comment sections were full of “It’s not f(x) without Amber!” outcries.

Fortunately, she did return and all is well, though many fans still are suspicious about whether SM Entertainment was really trying to kick her out or not, (though Amber has said it was just her injury and nothing more).

Though Amber is obviously the most unique out of the group, because, let’s face it, the tomboy look is not common at all in Kpop fashion, the other members of f(x) have their own charms as well.

Notably, Victoria was in a fake marriage with 2pm member Nichkhun in the show “We Got Married”.

Krystal, the sister of SNSD member Jessica, has been trying out acting in the drama “High Kick!”.

Luna has been a TV host and is going to be acting in a drama called “Saving Madame Go Bong Shil”.

Sulli was originally a child actress and has been in a few dramas. She also dubbed the voice of Shelly in the  cartoon movie, “Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage”.


Main Dance/Vocalist
February 2, 1987

Main Rapper/Lead Dance/Vocalist
September 18, 1992

Main Vocalist/Main Dance
August 12, 1993

Sub Rapper/Vocalist
March 29, 1994

Lead Vocal/Lead Dance/Maknae
October 24, 1994



5 thoughts on “Artist of the Week: f(x)

  1. I really like f(x). They are very specific and unique group, which is not sweet (as their sister group – SNSD) and have own style. I really like them :D

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