Toilet no Kamisama Japanese Drama Review

Toilet no Kamisama

Japanese Drama

My Score: 7.5/10


Lead Actors: Kitano Kii Ashida Mana Iwashita Shima Natsukawa Yui

Episodes: 2 (Drama Special)

Genre: Family/Comedy/Drama/Music

Summary: A young girl goes to live with her grandma next door after her grandpa dies.
She hates cleaning the toilet, so her grandma tells her that a god is living in it and if she keeps it clean, the god will grant her wishes and make her really pretty.

Based on the popular song by Kana Uemura, (which is sung at the end of the drama).

Review: This was a really nice, touching, family drama.

The drama is narrated by Kana, the grand-daughter.
The first half is told by her elementary-aged self and the second half is her young adult self.

Ashida Mana, the actress for the child version of the main character was very cute. She was just too sweet and intelligent.
Many of her crying scenes were also touching and realistic.

Kitano Kii, the actress for the young adult version of the main character was perfect for the role.
She was still as sweet as her child self, but not annoyingly so.

Kana’s mom was a busy single mother of four kids. Kana was constantly going over to her grandma’s house whenever she felt left-out or sad, so when the grandpa dies, her sister suggest that Kana moves in with their grandma. Without a second though, Kana’s mother agrees.

The story was nice, but the concept seemed a bit strange. I mean, who would want to think something was living in the toilet? Haha. But it was told to a little girl, and kids wouldn’t over-think it. (Plus, it was based on the true song, so there’s not much to say about that).

As for the song, I feel like the girl had a much better relationship with her grandma in this drama than in the lyrics of the song. The song and lyrics still fit the scene of the drama well, though. When she sang it at the end, I almost cried.

The grandma was just so nice… she was a perfect grandma. I felt jealous, haha.
The mom seemed fun, but kind of cold to Kana sometimes. I think she was just trying to do what she though best and was trying not to let her emotions interfere… plus she was so busy all the time. I feel like she thought Kana would be raised better and get more attention at her grandma’s house.

Even if you don’t have a good relationship with your grandma, this drama is still touching.

Oh, and if you enjoy Kana Uemura’s music, I suggest listening to Kiroro.
The style really reminded me of them :D


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