Artist of the Week: Beast

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…


First thing you need to know is the name. Fans write it as B2ST most of the time. It stands for “Boys 2 Search for Top”. On the other hand, BEAST stands for “Boys of East Standing Tall”.

Many of the members in this group were in different groups or companies before they debuted. For instance, Hyunseung was actually training to be a part of Big Bang, but was dropped before Big Bang debuted. DooJoon and  DongWoon were in JYP Entertainment before they moved over to Cube Entertainment (which owns Beast). These moves aren’t anything to feel bad about… I mean, if it hadn’t happened, I bet they would each have an entirely different image. For example, Junhyung used to have a cutesy image in the group XING… he now is the bad boy rapper.

Leaving for Cube Entertainment really let them shine more and as a result, Beast has gotten popular.


Yoon Doojoon
Birthday: July 4, 1989

Jang Hyunseung
Birthday: September 3, 1989
Lead Vocalist/Lead Dancer

Yong Junhyung
Birthday: December 19, 1989
Main Rapper

Yang Yoseob
Birthday: January 5, 1990
Main Vocalist

Lee Gikwang
Birthday: March 30, 1990
Main Dancer/Visual

Son Dongwoon
Birthday: June 6, 1991

Jokes and Memes:

Some popular jokes and memes related to this group are Junhyung’s preference for Coca Cola. Since there were so many photos of him with Coke next to him or in his hand, it’s now a meme of some sort. Someone even made a song parody about it… and Junhyung actually saw it and liked it. (It’s called “So Fly Like Yong Junhyung”).

Also, the “DooPose”. Doojoon poses a certain way in almost every non-photoshoot photo he takes. After a bit, Beast fans realized that many of the other members often pose that way as well (though not as often as Dongwoon lol).


Here’s a  music video:

Also check out “Beautiful”, which as a story MV. “I Like You the Best” is the follow up to that MV. “Breath” and “Fiction” are also really good… and “Shock” is  one of their debut songs.


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