Love Scar Taiwanese Drama Review

Love Scar

My Score: 8/10


Cast: Karen Mok  Jerry Yan Jacky Cheung

Episodes: 3

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Gen Sha goes to Taiwan with her new husband to meet his family, only to find that her new brother-in-law is her ex-boyfriend… and not just any ex, but someone she was forced to separate from because of his mother! How can this marriage work out when her brother-in-law still has deep feelings for her?

Review:  If you love the pain of love, than you should watch this. No matter what happens, someone is going to get hurt here. The plot was done well. I think it could have been good as a longer drama, but I’m not sure it would’ve been better that way… the manga it’s based on is also only two volumes long.

The original manga is called “Ai No Memai Ai No Kizu” and this drama really follows it well. It gives the same feeling and follows the plot pretty much identically. However, I feel the ending of the manga gave a better feeling than this drama version.

I was a bit skeptical on the acting at times, but it was still good acting overall. I was really impressed with the passion I felt from Jerry Yan …especially in episode 2. In a particular scene in that episode, his acting really touched me. I could feel his pain and love.

FYI, Figaro Ceng was adorable in his cameo.

My Score: 8/10


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