Artist of the Week: MBLAQ

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…


MBLAQ was created by the legendary Rain and stands for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality. You might like them if you don’t like the “cute” concept a lot of boy group in Korea have, (though Joon provides a lot of aegyo by himself when he wants to).

They debuted in 2009 and they started performing alongside Rain once in awhile to gain exposure.

MBLAQ posing with their mentor, Rain.

There was originally six members, but in 2011, Thunder said Kim Sang-Bae had left because of health reasons, but that his voice hadn’t been recorded on any of the CDs because time didn’t allow it, (he had only joined 15 days before their debut).

Kim Sang-Bae


October 16, 1987

Main Vocal
November 6, 1987

Lee Joon
February 7, 1988

October 7, 1990

March 10, 1991

Some Little Facts:

In 20  Joon acted in Ninja Assassin (2009) as the younger version of Rain’s character.

Thunder is the brother of Dara, who is in the girl group 2NE1. They look so alike that it shouldn’t come as a surprise~

G.O. originally didn’t want to debut with facial hair, but was forced to anyway. Apparently it grows really fast….

Mir has been featured as a rapper in other artist’s songs on several occasions. Also, he looks so alike to Hong Ki of FT Island, that it was even mentioned on the Korean TV show, Star Golden Bell.

Seungho grew up in an all-male household (minus his mom). He said that he was often in charge at home so it’s helped with being the leader of MBLAQ. He’s also good with gymnastics.



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