26 May 2014: New Korean MVs

  It’s back~ I know you’ve all been waiting for this, hahaha, and now I finally have time to do it again! Let’s see… 2NE1 and INFINITE came back this week! Nice~ There’s also ALOT of relaxing music.

Poll About the Weekly New Music

I’m going to be bringing this back for the summer, soon. I know some of you like to listen to all the new music that came out during the week, so I’m wondering if you’d prefer to have it in a YouTube playlist, or if you prefer to see my comments about each song in…

Artist Spotlight: Primary

The artist this time is… Primary/프라이머리 When thinking about Primary’s music, one word comes to mind: smooth. Even if he uses a rapper, (which is most of the time), or if he uses a funky beat, it still sounds smooth. I guess it’s a jazz-hip-hop fusion sound most of the time.