A Werewolf Boy: Korean Movie Review

a_werewolf_boy review

A Werewolf Boy

Korean Film (2012) Director: Jo Sung-Hee
Genre: Fantasy/Romance My Score: 8/10 ★★★★☆
Summary: When a teen girl moves to the country with her family, they find what appears to be a young homeless guy on the property. It seems he was abandoned, as he doesn’t even know how to talk and he acts like a wolf.As the girl teaches him the way a human should act, it becomes apparent that there’s more to him than it seems.
Cast: Song Joong-Ki and Park Bo-Young



I know people won’t like me saying this, but this movie was both amazing and disappointing.

First off, Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young were beautiful. The movie was all about an old woman thinking back on memories, and portrayed the innocence needed for their characters perfectly.

In the beginning, I couldn’t help but compare the whole situation to Edward Scissorhands. Of course, it had it’s own original ideas, but the basic frame was very similar; an inhumane young man finally coming to live in human society, a girl who doesn’t like him at first, but then helps him, and the no-good “rival” guy who tries to get rid of him.

The beginning of the film was amazing. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was so cute and funny at the same time. However, as soon as they started throwing in the drama, the entertainment value greatly decreased. The problems the characters faced were very predictable and over-done. This led to a feeling of great frustration instead of anything else. I wish they had put together something new and refreshing for the plot if they had wanted some conflict, instead of throwing in a predictable wealthy, jealous, and selfish rival that we see in the majority of “monster” romance movies, (Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Jim in Edward Scissorhands come to mind).

a werewolf boy 1

Then the girl exasperated me, especially at the end. I can only conclude that the whole movie shouldn’t be taken literally, but as an analogy for how first love and regrets can stay with one forever. Through the whole ending, I couldn’t tell if it was just a dream she was having, or if she really saw him again. Maybe that’s what they wanted, but I felt on-guard while watching that whole scene and couldn’t fully enjoy it. Maybe it’s just one of those strange stories that you can’t think much about while watching… though it was really difficult not to think there was a hidden meaning to it all because of the way the ending was.

So this movie goes from original and funny, to predictable and frustrating, and ultimately, confusing and sad. It left me wondering if all that even really happened, or if it had just been a strange metaphor.

However, I ultimately feel that it was worth watching. The first half of the movie was too entertaining to pass up and the great acting  made up for the bad middle half. And even if the ending was a bit confusing, it was still touching. I think everyone should give this movie a chance.

(BTW, there’s a different ending for the extended version. Check it out over here – http://hangulover.tumblr.com/post/44512617569/glue-bending-a-werewolf-boy-alternate-scene )

a werewolf boy 2


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