Artist of the Week: FT Island

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…

FT Island

FT Island stands for “Five Treasure Island” and is an idol band that makes rock-type music. They’re in the pop-rock category, however, since the band was formed by a company that makes music for them… the same way pop groups are formed (though reportedly they did have a say in naming the band). Even though that was how the band was created, and how their music is written, they do play the music completely on their own, (though they just pretend for TV concerts. Something about the live sound is too difficult to film). No outsiders play the instruments for them or anything.

One of the things that makes them stand out is the lead vocalist, Lee Hongki. His powerful voice is full of emotion that’s not very usual for someone his age. Hongki also allowed more foreigners to know FT Island by landing a big role in the popular drama “You’re Beautiful“. Even though his role was generally kind of goofy, there was a serious scene where his acting really shined. He acquired many new overseas fans which led to more fans for FT Island as well. This may have been the reason they were so successful when they debuted in Japan.

Actually, Hongki started out as an actor, but when he was 13 he sang a song for the soundtrack of a drama he was starring in. So many people were impressed by his voice, he was quickly snatched up and began training for FT Island.

FT Island has a kind of sub-group called FT Triple (used to be called A3). It consists of Choi Jonghun, Choi Minhwan, and Lee Jaejin. The purpose of this sub-group is to play kind of intermission songs so Hongki can rest his voice during concerts.

There is a former member of this band that you may want to know about if you’re new to FT Island.  Oh Won Bin left with no hard feelings in 2009. Supposedly it was due to a conflict in music differences, but I personally think it’s just because he wanted to go solo. He was a co-lead vocalist and guitarist.

Another interesting thing about this band is some of their music videos are two-part dramas. Here’s one of them “A Man’s First and Only One”:


Choi Jong Hun
March 7, 1990

Lee Hongki
Main Vocalist/Visual
March 2, 1990

Lee Jae Jin
December 17, 1991

Song Seung Hyun
Rhythm Guitarist/Rapper
August 21, 1992

Choi Min Hwan
November 11, 1992



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