Artist of the Week: IU

Here is the Artist of the Week! Posted on Wednesdays as something to get you through the rest of the week~

This week’s artist is…


IU is a solo female artist. Her stage name is a play on “You and I” to show people coming together through music. Her real name is Lee Ji-eun and her birthday is May 16, 1993. Because of her sweet image, she has a lot of “uncle” fans, which means a lot of older guys find her endearing. She is known as ” The Nations’s ‘Little Sister'”.

Before she was taken into LOEN Entertainment, she auditioned for JYP Entertainment. She was rejected from JYP Entertainment then, but much later, after she had become successful, CEO JYP expressed regret over it.

She became really famous after her “Good Day” song, in which she has a progressive high note that impressed many people. After that, she got a role in the drama Dream High, which made her even more successful.

IU’s Dream High character before she lost weight.


In the past, she used to video tape herself doing covers of other artists simply using her guitar. She often has a friend join in, like Thunder from MBLAQ. She also composes her own songs when she feels like it. One of her songs, “Hold My Hand”, was featured in the Greatest Love drama.

She’s known to be a bit clumsy and has tripped and fallen down in front of large audiences at least twice in her career.

She has said on many occasions that Taeyang of Big Bang is her ideal guy. Because of her mom’s advice, she started throwing other guy’s names in when people asked, but it’s too late. Most people believe she still has a crush on Taeyang. There are clips going around online of her kissing him on the cheek during a TV show and of Taeyang hugging IU on another TV show.



5 thoughts on “Artist of the Week: IU

  1. I hadn’t heard IU before (I had heard OF her, but I hadn’t actually heard her sing). Even on her audition video clip you can tell what a big, clear voice she has. Really appealing. Also, your idea of a Wednesday artist is a great one.

    • Thank you :D
      Yeah, I agree… I wonder why she didn’t pass the audition. Though I’m kind of glad she didn’t, because I think she’s more popular as a solo artist :D

      • Perhaps IU seemed a bit shy at the audition? A little nervous? And sometimes they are just looking for a particular look or image–because her voice is a really good one. Glad she has had the nerve to go solo. I want to look into more of her music–she’s good.

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