Korean Dramas: Crying Men in Romantic Comedies

Top 5 Korean Dramas With The Best Male Crying Scenes

Well, since my sister and I just love it when the guys cry, I decided to make a list of what I think are the best dramas for this.  There’s just something truly wonderful about a guy who can’t help but cry over love.

These are the Korean dramas that genuinely moved us to moe madness. Most of these are shows that either had continual teary drama, or just one really awesome scene that shouldn’t be missed. They don’t necessarily have to be a sad drama – these are actually all romantic comedies – but these are tears brought about by the heart-break felt by one who’s truly in love.

(Note that the screen-shots included are of the milder crying scenes, just so I don’t spoil the epic ones for you~)


#1. Coffee Prince

Han Kyul’s crying was beautiful. He had a type of sincerity about it, especially when he was trying to explain or voice his feelings at the same time. It was a hopeless kind of heart-wrenching crying, where you could see he was a bit happy, yet utterly strained, and sometimes confused at the same time. When the actor, Gong Yoo just let go in the last crying scene, it was extremely touching. I’m pretty sure that was the best crying scene I’ve ever seen in a romcom.

#2. Dream High

Wow Sam Dong cried quite a bit. Good thing the actor who portrayed him, Kim Soo Hyun, was a master at crying. We were actually really worried about Sam Dong when these crying scenes happened! We’re not the type to really yell at the screen while watching, but this drama turned out to be an exception when we found ourselves calling to Sam Dong.

#3. Secret Garden

Joo Won didn’t cry often, but when he did, it was enough to make this drama number 3 on our list. Not only did Hyun Bin make this character cry his heart out, but the situations that made him cry created a deadly combo for people who love these sort of scenes. Secret Garden definitely nailed it. We found ourselves crying with him at least twice in the drama.

#4. Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang

Mong-Ryong had a real natural kind of crying; it looked like he was trying really hard to stay in control but could be pushed over the edge at any moment. There was something wonderful about those red watery eyes that made us want to squeal and hug him… especially when he was smiling  wistfully at the same time.

#5. You’re Beautiful

Jeremy took the prize here. Even though he was a bit too innocent and naive, that’s what made his heartbreak even worse. It was like he never even dreamed that situation would happen until it did… right in his most comforting place no less. Not only that, but he had to pretend that nothing was wrong right afterwards or a ton of people would know.

There are others, (like Lee Jun Ki in My Girl), but none that touched us quite as much as these did.

How about you? What’s your favorite crying scene of all time?


5 thoughts on “Korean Dramas: Crying Men in Romantic Comedies

  1. Usually I mean I see guys cry and I’m like okay…but there’s really some that really make me stop and feel for them. I have to agree, Jeremy’s crying seen in You’re Beautiful really tugged at my heart, I wanted to cry along with him.

  2. Kang Ji Hwan is probably one of the most natural “criers” in the Korean entertainment industry… he cries from within. I was so impressed by his crying, that I made a clip of it. This is Kang Ji Hwan in “90 Days” a drama I highly recommend. Ignore the poorly written synopsis you’ll find on the internet. The drama is so much better than it sounds, believe me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hITuesFYo68

  3. Just watched “We Are Dating Now”, such a classic kdrama. Lots of amazing crying from both Kwon Sang Woo and So Ji Sub ! Highly recommend. I found myself balling too … such a tearjerker drama.

    PS. Love your blog !

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