Wait Till You’re Older Chinese Movie

Wait Till You’re Older Movie

My Score: 6.5/10 


Director: Teddy Chan

Cast: Andy Lau  Karen Mok Felix Wong

Genre: Family/Drama

Summary: A young boy is way out of hand. He’s constantly running away and terrorizing his step-mother, who he blames for his mother’s suicide. One day, he meets an old man that lives in the park. This old man creates a magical potion that makes things grow older. The boy steals it and uses it… then he turns into an adult overnight.

Review: I thought this was going to be a light-hearted comedy with a little lesson about life and growing up. You know how those movies usually are. The kid finds it’s harder than he thought and goes back to being a kid after learning his lesson.

Well, this movie turned out to be much deeper and heavier than that.

I liked the acting… Andy Lau rarely lets me down. Some of the situations were amusing to watch. I also liked finding out about the family’s past.  What I didn’t like, was how I felt the lesson was too hard for someone of the character’s age. It also felt like his mind was maturing quickly as well. Towards the end, it really didn’t feel like a kid in an adult body anymore.

This was a good movie, but not one to watch if you aren’t feeling up to some legit drama.

My Score: 7/10 


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